Hello 2012

What better way to start 2012 than with my very own blog.

 I’d love to tell you all about the crazy party that I went to last night with little stories about the funny characters I met whilst I was dancing on tables and seeing 2012 in like the party animal I am…. not.  I spent the evening at home with my own family and my brother’s family and no partying took place.  The run for the day had to be done so once the twins were in bed Superdad aka Doug and I were dressed in running gear and ready to go.  Robbie decided it was not bed time for him so Uncle Stace to the rescue much to Doug’s disappointment (just a joke my lovely) and we were still running. 

The run plan was for us both to set off on a 2.5 mile route and because Doug is just getting back to the running I was running to catch him back up and do 5 miles running.  I was supposed to run 6.5/miles – most unlikely as I can only sustain this pace for 5 mins maximum before I feel like I’m going to die and I felt as though I was stuffed from head to toe with festive food.  I ran and ran and gave up as he was obviously running too fast for me to lap him grrrrr.

Once we were back home we set upon a night of energetic television watching and marathon eating to make sure all signs of Quality Street, Doritos and Nuts were gone before 2012.  This night of relaxation was interrupted slightly by Robbie who decided that he was going to see the new year in with us and not sleep untill he was ready !!!  so there we all were, Me falling in and out of sleep on Doug, Emma, Stace and Anna all on the one sofa and Amz and Connie on the floor closest to the food awaiting new year (somewhat similar to The Royles) and then at 11.30 the Lawtons my brother’s family and Connie my little girl all went to bed !!!!?! ah well.  I fell asleep and 2 minutes to midnight I was woken up  to open the Bucks fizz whilst watching Joules Holland. The Bucks Fizz fizzed I cheered which made the dogs bark and wake everyone up, serves them right for going to bed before the New Year arrived.

Everyone up early today, well Daisy was up early as she slept all night and woke Robbie up which meant me and Superdad were up early!!!  ready for the troops to descend the stairs and feed them all the usual bacon butties before packing them up and shipping them off with a stop in Bourton,  for Sweets from the lovely sweetie shop that I spend 3 days of my week working in and hot chocolate from ‘Fresh’ or Fresh 4lunch where my eldest daughter Amy works. 

Sad goodbyes were said by my little niece Ava who is 4 with real tears because she did not want to leave us (we are great to be with) and now we are home and I am trying to blog with little hands adding their input,  Superdad to the rescue with a game of hide and seek.  7

The day is not over yet, I have a run planned and the Outlaws are on their way returning Craig my stepson.  Best go as Superdad needs me !!

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