The Worst Trip of My Life So Far

So where did I leave you?  With joy in my soul and heading out on a run just as my in-laws were arriving.  That run was good but the 12 miles I pounded out as the sun went down could not be counted in to my Jantastic challenge to run 8 runs a week.

With a can do, will do attitude I began the week with a challenge to run 8 runs a week as part of Marathontalks motivation initiative Jantastic.  The first run of the day was to work, not a long one just 2 miles but one of the 8.  I ran with my 2 daughters following on their bikes.  Amy my 15-year-old heading to work and Connie coming to work with me.  I spent the day in the Sweet Shop which incidentally was used in a film in 2010 which I do not think has hit screens yet it was a busy day so I was looking forward to my run home……..

Backpack on, shop all locked up, Ipod on, Garmin set to go and run 2 underway. Running under the street lights heading out of the village about 5 minutes in and I took a dive for the pavement!!! I think it was a manhole cover that popped up just to catch me out.  It felt like an eternity as I scrappled for my phone to call for help trying to sob as quietly as possible, it was probably a minute or 2.  I didn’t get to my phone before a passer-by stopped and offered me a lift home.  At first I did that typical British thing of saying no-no I’m fine and then with a little persuasion I took a lift from a lady I found out was Pam and a fellow runner at Bourton Road Runners that I had never met.  I was home in 5 minutes   and many thank you’s  later I was heading for the safety of home, painfully through the garden gate and front door where I burst into tears.  The kids and the twins seemed oblivious to my pain and Doug sprung in to action to look after me as soon as I had explained what had happened.  First job gloves off  (my hand hurts now as I think about it)  left glove off fine followed by the right which was covering fingers that were throb throb throb.  I was bumped bruised and grazed and my right little finger, ring finger and palm of my hand were swelling well.  Next job hand in cold water and a cup of coffee to chill me out a little.  Doug then presented me with a bunch of flowers and a “don’t say I never get you anything”  which helped me laugh.  Lets cut this short shall we…… A&E, Gas and Air,(lots of laughing and crying intermingled) Ring Removed, X-ray, broken little finger Fracture Clinic, Plaster Cast and there we go.

After my little mishap I ended up having the rest of the week off work and also began to panic that I wouldn’t complete my challenge.  My name is Claire Harrison and yes I am addicted to my running and hate not achieving a goal that I set for myself.  I was back to the running on Wednesday albeit on the treadmill in the gym and out with running club Thursday night with a short run first followed by a longer run out again Friday night with Doug following on his bike, out on Saturday and completed my eighth run today with an early morning  13 miles.

What else has happened in my life this week?  Doug had his first trip to the gym and seemed to enjoy it, I introduced the twins to flowers today and miraculously they didn’t eat them.  We decided as a family one meal time to have a meal from a random country each week, last week was Jamaica and we had Jerk Chicken and Banana Wraps which were yum (our chef is Doug, who is also our in-house doctor, pet specialist, decorator, electrician, carpenter, mechanic…you get the gist) next weeks meal is TBA,  I confirmed a charity collection at Sainsbury’s for next Thursday and a  car wash in February to help with my money raising attempts  take a look and donate if you can.  I got some new trainers and entered the ballot for The Great North Run. 

So there you have it my week with as much of the boring stuff cut out as possible.

Keep Smiling


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