Achey Cheeks

The week started pretty much the same as every week in our house with us winding the kids up on a Monday morning for our own amusement.  I decided I would take my last holiday of the year untill the end of February to relax and chill, I should have been so lucky! this staying at home with the terrible twosome is hard work and I had a second pair of hands at home with me.  Superdad you are my hero x  We decided between us that this weeks meal from around the globe would be Mexican and so we have eaten Taco’s and enchiladas and as I write this I have been informed that we are on our way to Italy this week and that I may have one more holiday to take if I dare.

Twin things,  the twins have learnt many important things this week such as how to beep when you press their nose and how much fun it is to launch a soggy sponge from the bath, this resulted in superdad soaking me in retaliation for me throwing the soggy wet sponge at his head the twins loved it,Such Fun !!  Robbie has learnt how to hook and unhook the safety gate between the kitchen and dinning room?? he is only 1, and best of all Daisy can do a cracking Crazy Frog, remember him? impression which is affectionately known as Daisy Frog.

I have of course been out running my socks of f with the usual to and from work runs, and on Monday I visited the gym with superdad and achieved my record on the elliptical …… 15 minutes ( its hard though) I am going for 30 minutes this  week me and superdad against each other.  On the Tuesday run to work my rucksack mysteriously opened (I probably did not close it properly) and released all my belongings including undergarments much to my embarrassment and frustration because I had to stop,  all over the road in Upper Slaughter.  At least it was just a country road and not the centre of Bourton.  The run home was a  nice plod back ready for hellish hills with the Road Runners from 7.30. We ran 3 times half way up a hill 2 times all the way up a hill and then another 3 times from the middle of the hill to the top, why do I do this to myself when it is hard going?  I do it because afterwards it feels fantastic and I felt fantastic as I ran home under a very beautiful clear, starlit sky.  Wednesdays run home from work resulted in Superdad going looking for me after expecting me to arrive home in 4o minutes and I arrived home 30 minutes later to ” where have you been Doug is out looking for you we thought you had been abducted”  my very high-pitched 15-year-old daughter.  Ah bless her she does love me.  It turned out that we had got our wires crossed and whilst superdad thought I was on one route I was on another.  I also didn’t realise that my mileage was going to be 9 miles.  My running was non-existent on Thursday  after 4 hours in the morning of making my cheeks ache (I will tell you more about this in a while) and taking Connie to Panto group,  freezing just going to the car I could not make myself go out running so superdad ran all on his lonesome.  However on Friday morning I was up keen and ready to run even though yet again it was freezing out there, actually I lie,  Superdad literally pushed me out of the door in my running gear so I ran and covered 6 miles and enjoyed it.  I received a text on Saturday morning  ‘1 mile reps from our house’ so after 3 hours at work which was much busier than I thought it would be I went and ran out to Rissington road and did my first of I am sure many more mile reps, at the time I was lead to believe my fastest was 6 mins however it turned out it was 6.30 minute miles 😦 brilliant for my first attempt though if I say so myself.  My running week ended with a fabulous early morning 14 miles chatting as I ran through the gorgeous scenery of the Cotswolds, it was hard going to get out of the house at 7.30am but was great apart from the point at which my legs became lead filled up a long long hill.

Great things have happened this week all involving lots of smiles 🙂
Sunflowers to the ready, t-shirts, badges, balloons and collection tins and off we went to Sainsburys to collect, thats Me, Superdad and the twins. When we arrived there we were greeted by Air Ambulance, oh no! charity wars in Harry Hill style Fight Fight Fight, actually this did not happen I just went to Customer Services who sorted it out and sent Air Ambulance packing to the correct store. We then blew up balloons donned sunflowers and I greeted nearly everyone with a high-pitched hello and the biggest smile I could muster.  I kept it up with a little help from Superdad and the twins for 4 hours when I could do no more as my cheeks really did ache.  We raised £247.60 which was fantastic.  The next day I received a phone call from a journalist  in response to an email I had sent,  asking all about what I have been up to and in particular the music event I am holding 19th February at Lower Slaughter Village Hall,  she is going to write an article all about it and we had our photograph taken today.  Once again all dressed in yellow, sunflowers everywhere surrounding Amy playing her Guitar.


Keep Smiling

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  1. Congrats on your fundraising efforts Claire!! Sounds like it’s been a pretty good week – did have a little chuckle to myself re. the bag ‘opening itself’ as if by magic 🙂

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