National Lethargy Week Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I am writing this blog feeling tired, for a change, actually it is not a change what with one thing and another I do tend to spend a lot of my time feeling tired.  I’m back on the iron so by next blog I should be positively Tigger.  Although I do feel I’m not the only one have I missed the announcement that its lethargy week?

This week started with Superdad feeling unwell with ‘Man Flu’ however he would not be nicknamed ‘Superdad’ if he did not carry on as usual.  So it was off to work for me as normal. Our country of the week was Italy but I think the novelty is wearing off with this idea as it was Pasta and no inspiration for this week 😦  What a long long day untill the run home after work which I was very thankful for to shake off the cobwebs and run off the several sweets I had eaten over the day not just  that day but most of my working days I eat sweets.  Well wouldnt most people if they worked with sweets?  This week I have given up eating ANY sweets whilst at work.  To help me with this sweet deprivation I made myself a bag of Belgium Chocs with the plan of having just one a day if I did something fantastic like a run or even just my plank  and most definitely did not eat sweets at work.  I have worked 2 whole days and managed to resist all sweets even those that fall on to the counter have been disposed of.  The self-control that I have demonstrated in this situation surely astounds you !!

I think I must have been under attack from some  little critter on Monday and I do not mean one of my terrible twins, probably the bug that nearly took down ‘Superdad’  I would not let it get me – I wacked the heating up as I was cold (and it was rather cold outside if you remember) had an orange for my vitamin C and hit the sack, for the first tim in a long time I was fast asleep before 10 all warm and snug.  When I woke up I was feeling…. ok, but not like I could run to work and home and do a speedwork session so I just opted to tackle the speedwork  in the evening.  It was during the morning when ‘Superdad was still feeling full of cold and hot and clammy thinking he had a fever that I remembered that the heating was up rather high oops, sorry ‘Superdad’  The cold kept creeping back and I kept running, I completely worked myself into the ground at the speedwork session and ran through the week. 

On Wednesday it was the Elliptical challenge, I ran for a while in the Gym and then hit the Elliptical machine, I told you last week I would be on the machine for 30 minutes and I was on there for 30 minutes, the gym closes at 9.00pm so I was very apologetic to Anthony for running over slightly but there was know way I could get off the machine untill I saw it clock up the minutes.  Fortunately Anthony the trainer  understood how a fitness addict like myself works.  Big THANKS to him. and I did my 30 minutes the only problem now is I will have to do longer.

We made the paper the Lower Slaughter music event I am organising to raise money for Help the Hospices got us in the paper which was fantastic.  Unfortunately it has only prompted 2 telephone calls one of which sounded very promising but then came to nothing and the other was the new ‘Caretaker’ of the hall making sure I was not planning the next Glastonbury and that I would not disturb the church service, that’s village life and I of course will not be rabble raising… on this occasion.  If you have got this far and are not dribbling on to your keyboard because you have fallen asleep please let everyone you know, know all about the music event in Lower Slaughter Village Hall 19th February between 10am and 4pm.

This week the Twins have been very musical, we have had the instruments out and have been making a right old racket, I love it and I’m sure they do.  Robbie has been doing a good impression of Rocky Balboa after a bout in the ring, he head butted our metal bed and has a nice Shiner above his eye and he has also nutted the floor and has another bruise on his angelic little face bless him.  Their best event was sock sorting .

If I havent got enough to do I have put a few minutes of my time aside a day to perform that famous position of the plank in the plank a day challenge my times are as follows:

Mon: 2;32 up to 3:35 today, going great guns, do I feel amazing?  no   I’m sure that shaking going red in the face and sweating whilst holding my body weight up on the floor is doing me good in some way.  Core of Steel.

I still have my eyes open enough to tell you that I made myself go to hill reps on Saturday and felt great after Id finished them and followed these up with a long blustery 14 mile run this morning and here we are now still awake and hoping for a great week next week.

Up the wooden hills to Bedfordshire

Goodnight x

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