Running The Unwritten Rules – just 5 of mine that are now written :)

Rules, everything and everyone has rules and so do runners.  The rules are not necessarily written down and each runners rules are different aside from probably the road safety rules like run on the right, wear hi-vis gear in the dark  etc….   Here are mine with my reason for believing in them and abiding by them (usually but they are bendy)

Rule 1. Be Nice Be Happy

Its our choice to run (usually) so be happy about it, I always have a smile for my fellow runner / outdoorsy peeps even  through grimaced face. after running 12 miles with another 6 to go in the wind and the rain with something somewhere hurting.  Say hello, I always do and if someone speaks to me I speak to them.  What have you got to lose by being nice? Respecting fellow human beings who are mad enough to be experiencing the elements at the same time as you is a must. I stick to this rule because I’m nice

Rule 2. A run is not a run unless its…….

Well for me a run is not a run or should I say does not feel like a legitimate run unless it’s all ran and at least 3 miles and this rule became more of a rule when it was reiterated as a running club rule not hard and fast just one that’s been adopted and stuck to.  However with the introduction of Jantastic into my life recently I bend this one and class my run to work without any extra miles added on as a run 2.5 miles so that I can get my 8 runs a week in.

Rule 3. What you wear does not make you run any better (except maybe your trainers)

This rule was one that took me some weeks of running to realise, I would turn up to races and see lots of runners  head to toe in great gear and thought I would be left at the back of the pack sporting my cheap as chips running tights and last race T-shirt.  Of course I want to have the best gear I can get eventually, but all the gear and no Idea is not me – you can run in anything, the  most important item I think is your trainers.  I remind myself of this rule everytime my budget won’t allow me to have what I really really want.

Rule 4. Train to race don’t race to train

I picked this up from 2 times Olympic marathon runner  Ed Eyestone a while back (not in person unfortunately,  from the Runners World) and thought it was a good rule to try to stick to, but quite often find myself pushing to hard on a training run that is supposed to be an easy run and I think to myself train to race Claire and pull back just a little.  I try to stick to this rule as I think its important to have something in the tank for when you are adrenalin fueled on race day.

Rule 5.  Love It !! and don’t worry about rules

Primarily you need to enjoy what you do and love it, if you love it you’ll do it more, give it your all and be able to bend as many rules as you want just so you can run.

I know there will be lots of people out there with lists of rules and Id love you to share them either on here or tweet me Cotswold_claire

Happy Running x

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