The Event

Over the last 4 weeks I have been preparing for a fundraising event and it got me thinking…..

Ever since I can remember,  and that time decreases yearly , there has been an EVENT in my life.

The obvious events like the annual celebration of my arrival into the world, my favourite so far the one that gives me a fuzzy childhood memory my 5th or 6th.  My first party with my very own friends with my hair in red ribbons.  Then there was the arrival into the world of my siblings, all four of which were huge events as it meant that I had to share the two people I loved the most with someone else who I would immediately love very much.  The first days at school! I do not remember my first day at primary but the first day I do remember was at Secondary school.  I started in the  1st year (year 7} a couple of terms in.  The school loaned me a blazer from the lost property,  it was ripped (mum was going to mend it ) and that was my first day feeling like one of the Raggy Dolls.  At the time I thought my parents hated me,  I now see why I had the blazer and see it as character building.
There have been many more firsts,  1st kiss, 1st  love,  1st days at work, 1st perm (oh dear)  1st concert etc…  The births of my children.  My first baby girl a shock to my system,  realising that I was responsible for another human being.   This event was a life changer which happened in the same year that I lost 2 Grandfathers and my parents lost their fathers and I realised for the first time that my parents were vulnerable and needed me to be there for them.  Then 5 years any many more events later came baby number 2.

Many of these events have been shared with others and during my events a friend shared her life changing life ending event with me. 

About 9 years ago my friend shared the news of her breast cancer with me, she was scared by the news and I was scared for her,  with the removal her breast it was hoped the cancer would be eliminated. A while past and the cancer kept its grip and my friend had her other breast removed, all clear for a while then the news came of bone cancer. With that news came fear, fear of the unknown,  no cure, so when?  how? the kids? her husband, what now? during this time we chatted, we went out, we had coffee and  we laughed.  We laughed at how rubbish I was at not crying whenever we spoke about the unspeakable as time went on and treatments became more frequent I moved away and life changed.

 More events were to come in my life,  a new county, a new job, a new sister-in-law, a niece, a new man a new family and more babies 3 & 4 together!!! Just the news of there being two was a huge event and I shared these events with my friend via text and good old Facebook, pictures and messages  and she shared the news of her cruise with hubby and the kids and family events. The trauma a tumour in the womb, a coma in the hospice and then she was gone.   No one shared that major event we me, I found out after I had sent a text and checked on Facebook.  Sue died before she was 40,  she was loved and liked by many many people. Over the last year I have trained for running events and  ran a marathon which was a huge event and ran over the line just before my baby blister celebrated giving birth to her first baby a marvelous event, my first nephew. 
 Here I am now and I am preparing for a major event I am going to run the London Marathon,  running it for charity to say thank you to the Hospices by raising money for Help the Hospices for my friend and my Nan another lovely lady who unfortunately lost her battle against cancer and died in November last year another sad event. Thank you for the hospice care they received in the hospice and at home.

The marathon will be a happy event and I hope to raise £2012 plus. My next big event will be speaking in a school assembly about hospice care (scary in front of all those 4 – 11 year olds) and telling them about my music event at The Lower Slaughter Village hall on Sunday February 19 which  you are all invited it is free so please come along nd see and Bourton Primary School Choir and others including my first baby now 15 playing and singing.

Life is one big event, please help me to say thank you to those who support people.facing life limiting illness



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