Clarks Shoes Review x 2


Over the last 2 weeks the twins have both been preferring to walk rather than crawl so we have had two visits to Clarks. Both visits were completely different one really good and the other not so good at all. 

Robbie is the youngest of my twins arriving into the world one hour and fifteen minutes after his sister but other than at his birth when he was five ounces smaller in weight than his older sister  he has always been the bigger of the two.  He also seems to be the twin who is one step ahead, he had 4 teeth before Daisy got her first one and he was up and walking for about two weeks before Daisy.

This was great for us as it meant only one pair of shoes to buy at a time, so off we went 18 miles to the nearest shoe shop, well the nearest Clarks Shoe Shop for ‘First Steps Shoes’.  It was a week day so there was no waiting around with our number as though we were in the Deli queue and Robbie had his little (no so little feet) measured  he has Size 5G feet !! it was inevitable when dads feet are size 13.  There was a selection of first shoes that we were shown, on the down side there was not a huge choice but the sales assistant helping us was happy and friendly so it was not an issue we chose the shoes we liked and we put them on Robbie.  Robbie had his first walk in shoes which was very amusing he looked as though he was lifting little lead weights clomping around. The sales assistant asked us if we would like a photo of Robbie in her first shoes which we did and we went away happy happy happy 🙂 When Daisy needed new shoes we headed back to Clarks. Once again it was quiet but we waited as least 10 minutes and Robbie had rearranged one shoe display before the Sales assistant went to find someone to help.  The young lady who came to help was great, she measured Daisy’s feet and 4g and showed us what shoes were available including a few in the Sale.  We chose the shoes we liked and then in the middle of putting the shoes on the other Sales assistant returned and told the young lady assisting us to go back down.  Daisy had a patter in her shoes and then I asked if we could have a photo as we had had one of Robbie, no one offered, once again another wait as the camera was not in the children’s section.  That was fine and then when the camera came up stairs and Daisy’s picture was taken there was no photograph paper Grrrr   not a happy customer now but remaining polite I said that was ok.  We paid for the shoes and were given a booklet but no height chart and we went away unhappy 😦  it was not untill we arrived home that we realised the shoes we had been given were a 4F, Daisy seems comfortable in them but it all added to the disappointment we felt.  So one good experience one bad and unfortunately it is the bad one that stays with you.

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  1. You’re right – it only takes one bad experience to ruin a relationship with a retailer, and it’s a shame that your second visit wasn’t as good as your first. I guess service with a smile wasn’t one of their aims that day. It really doesn’t take much to make shopping a pleasant experience rather than a stressful one.

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