Have Coach WILL train !!

One week down just 11 to go, the plan is underway.


There is nothing state of the art about this plan,  it is written on a piece of A4 paper and is stuck to my kitchen cupboard with the Blue Peter favourite sticky back plastic.  What is great about this plan is that it has been planned out just for me by an excellent athelete Dennis Walmsley.   Dennis is the coach at Bourton Road Runners http://www.bourtonroadrunners.co.uk and British World Marathon Masters Champion V45  in 2009 , along with many many more racing triumphs.  (google him) So I have 100% faith in him to get me to my Sub 3:30 marathon goal

Day 1: The plan says Nil? Nil that’s not right, this was my immediate thought so a phone call to coach Dennis and off I went for coffee, cake and a chat about the plan.  I could do 0-3 easy miles because I had run 15 the day before.  Phew not an unplanned day off.   So day one was a run home from work a tired, plodding 3 miles . No more 2 runs a day for me I have now changed my Jantastic/ Febulous target to 6 runs a week  www.marathontalk.co.uk  I no longer feel the need to run ALL the time EVERYWHERE.

Day 2: Efforts with the club.   18 minutes worth in total, we ran fast for 1 minute then a 1 minute rest twice followed by 2 minutes fast with a 1 minute rest.  We repeated this untill we had completed our 18 minutes.  I  felt that I’d worked hard and on the warm down coach said I had ran  some good efforts,  just some,  just some!   Always more to give, note to self, must try harder.

Day 3: Almost a day off, no run to work and no run home.   Just a trip to the gym for 4 miles at a  9 min/mile pace, then 15 minutes of random hills on the bike.  All whilst watching Professor Green and his entourage.   I feel out of touch (old) admitting this but, I did not have a clue who he was untill then.

Day 4: Another club run during which I had the company of marathon Marathoner’s who have run many marathons  and have lots of inspirational tales to tell.   I ran the extra miles that I needed to run,  alone along the dark country lanes at a vigorous pace feeling inspired and enthused.

Day 5: One of the most important days on my plan the rest day.  Rest rest rest,  because if you over train you will feel the strain. I chilled, well as much as you can in a house with 5 kids 3 dogs and one man.

Day 6: I looked out of the window and thought it was too cold for mile reps maybe a gym session? I sent a text to check what times people were doing their reps and mentioned I may just go to the gym,  minutes later the coach was on the phone telling me there would be lots of other times when I would need the gym so get out on the road and do those reps!!!.  Yes boss.   My reps were,

Mile 1 – 6:08
Mile 2- 6:40
Mile 3- 6:23

I still cannot believe it was me running that first mile,  but that’s what the Garmin said so I believe it and feel good about it,  even more so because I beat the snow.

Day 7: The long run looked under threat due to the weather.  With 16 miles to do I was up and ready to go at 7.50am awaiting my running companion.  My running buddy is the coaches wife , so lets face it unless it was extremely dangerous out there  we were not getting out of it.  We ran our miles around a minute slower than usual,  running from snow to slush depending on which felt safer underfoot.  The scenery was gorgeous with lots of untouched snowy landscapes .  ‘If we did not run,  we would not see the things we see or ever need to go to the places that we go’ a thought we shared on route.

A successful first week. 

Week 1 your gone, week 2 its over to you!!!

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