Claire Vs Food

When does our relationship with food begin? As babies we get what we need to survive but that milk for most of us comes with a cuddle and some love.

When one of the twins is crying and a hug and a kiss and other distractions have not worked we either reach for the milk or an edible diversion and 9 times out of 10 it comforts them. Will we make them turn to food for comfort?

I do not remember worrying about food at all other than how many is a quarter and how much can I get for 10p untill I was 11 or 12. I always felt a little bigger than my peers, I would have described myself as stocky or big-boned, more rugby player than ballerina. It was at this age I began the diet and exercise campaign

My diet was extreme but not at all healthy and the exercise irrational. Of course at the time much to my long suffering parents dismay I thought I knew best. My diet consisted of pot noodles, super noodles and fruit I have no idea why noodles. This was when I was eating, some weeks I would have detox days and not eat at all. I also had terrible days when I would lose my control binge on everything and feel the need to make myself vomit. This was not a good battle to be in and now I know I had bulimia for a short period in my life, I did not know what bulimia was then. For sufferers now there is a lot of help and support just one of many I have seen on the internet.

Fortunately my eating disorder was short-lived and I returned very quickly to eating what I wanted and every so often I would decide I was on some diet or other never seeing them through. Diets I’ve tried:

The Atkins Diet

Special K Diet

Slimming Worlds red and green days


Potnoodle Diet??

Calorie Counting

Weight Watchers Points

After my second daughter I weighed an extra 2.5 stone and I carried this weight for 8 years never contemplating exercise or a diet longer than maybe a week and then I decided I was going to lose it sensibly. I joined the leisure centre and began swimming every lunch time, I then started Kickboxing, boxing and signed up for a half marathon walk in Bristol, I slowly progressed and took to the roads running. I ate a lot less but mainly the good stuff, although I still had a battle of wills with the chocomilk from the vending machine at work!! I was strong. I soon lost weight and felt great.

I was winning the Claire Vs food fight, as long as I exercised I could eat sensibly and also have some of the good stuff, for me good stuff could be savoury or sweet depending on my mood. Sometimes its good old Ben and Jerry’s and on another day a Pork Pie and I love rich good tasting food Nomnomnom yum yum ! I had a year or 2 later I had my twins which meant a break from the running and ate a lot – I was carrying twins so I gave myself a Licence to eat. When I gave Birth to the Twins. I weighed 13 stone after I gave birth. I was straight back on to the healthy food not a diet, just cutting down and training for a half marathon before they reached 6 weeks old. I do not recommend this to new mum’s, the sensible thing to do is get the all clear from your Doctor before you exercise however I’m not known for being sensible. I lost all my weight and have maintained my weight.

I still have my foody issues when I will suddenly decide I’ll give up sweets or try to up the fruit intake eat more carbs but generally I like my food and if I want it I eat it so I think in the battle of Claire vs food.


Or does food win?

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  1. Whilst thankfully the period of bulimia didn’t last too long in your life, and the internet offers wonderful support groups now, i wonder if it may have lasted longer for you if you had access to the internet then. Sadly i reckon for every help site there is another out there offering best tips to make the most of the illness.
    I have a somewhat love /hate relationship with food – i love all the bad things, and the fat hates to let go of my love-handles 🙂
    I’ve tried to be a little more thoughtful with food, and this year so far dropped about 3kg. Hit a bit of a plateau anow though – it’s nigh on impossible to count calories and train for a marathon successfully.

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