Small Potatoes  

The Small Potatoes are great.

We love this song in our house and as I was changing the words to name every product I could think of competing with Douggie McLoving I thought I’d name everyone I could think of and let you add more if you can.
All hail the great potato which incidentally is a good way to  take on carbs for those of us in training but that is another blog entirely.

This is much more fun to the Small potatoes song.

Chips (oven/fried) Curly, Wrinkley, ooops meant Crinkley, Fries, Rustic,Beer battered, Southern Fried, Chunky there must be more?

Potato Cakes
Creamed(creamier than mash)
Filled skins

I have only used memory to compile my list.  If you think of any more please add them to the comments.

You can also use potatoes to make Mr potatoes cress head men, potato prints, and many many more, but this is a weeny blog so check out the magic of the potato yourself it is truly great.

During the writing of this blog I had a brain block and could not decide how to spell Potato – in the English dictionary it is spelt  POTATO as it is throughout my blog 🙂

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