The Gift…..or Not

Week one of Marathon training saw me on a high as I had, according to my Garmin ran a 6:08 minute mile on my hill reps.

If in my case ‘ the Garmin’  now named Mindy, inspired ‘by  ‘The Diary of a Bananaphobes’  Garmin being named, says I did it, I did it!!  I did think it was a little fast when I average a 6:30 minute mile at the moment but Mindy had my total trust.  I was chuffed.

So this week I was feeling good, and after my long Sunday run through the slush and snow I had no problem getting out and running my 3 miles on Monday even with achey buttocks and a twinge in the knee and calf’s complaining – lets face it if I can run a 6:08 mile I’m good.

Tuesday was cold, I was cold all day and there were very few people buying sweets.  The five-hour shift felt like fifty and on days like those I usually get de-motivated easily.  However after dinner I was raring to go and I made it to running club for the early run, a couple of miles warm up ready for efforts.  I’m good, I ran a 6:08 minute mile you know.  The efforts had a minimal turnout, most likely due to the dropping temperature it was freezing.   There were about 10 of us and we headed to the industrial estate where we did, 2 x 1 minutes fast 2 x 2 minutes fast and 2 x 3 minutes fast and then back 321….  I put in my maximum effort on them all and Coach Den was on my shoulder for the 3 minute effort.  I pushed myself to the about to vomit point and felt good.

Wednesday was a major HUMP in my week and I was keen to get home after another slow sweet selling day.  I had no motivation to get out on the roads and decided to go to the gym.  It was home, babies fed, dinner for me (Lemon Chicken and Noodles nomnomnom) and then bath and bed for the babies, all before heading to the gym.  It was a pretty pants session, I only managed to run 3 miles on the Treadmill due to noodle belly and  also did a 5 minute 1000 meters rowing just to stretch my time out.  I totally lost sight of how good I am on this day, did I mention I ran a 6:08 minute mile.

Thursday was a shopping day buying pressies and birthday food for my stepson who was 10 on Friday.  I also managed to buy myself a new pair of running tights.  Just plain black Ron Hills, this was an achievement as I have been dithering for weeks.  I have run for most of the winter in cropped tights and these are my first full length pair.  I think my next ones will be bright or patterned or maybe both.

The running tights had their debut outing that evening  out running with the running club.  I fought the motivation battle and won and ran a good 10 miles snow sleeting down,  with 2 runners I had not run with before, up an almighty hill lovingly known as the ‘Drainpipe’ I tanked up it and felt fantastic.   It helped running with 2 people at a similar pace to me as we pulled each other a long.  I am good though as I have ran an 6:08 minute mile. 

Friday was  REST day for me and a birthday day for my stepson.  This meant Apple pie for breakfast and then off for a head massage a coffee a chat and a fabulous new hair do, almost 2 hours of me rest time.  Then lunch with Douggie and the twins followed by Pizza purchases for dinner and the obligatory Birthday Cake, I chose the Scalectrix one due to it being from my youth and my current mid-life love of all things retro (once again that’s another blog in waiting)  The text about hill reps for Saturday arrived with a 12 or 1pm option to run with others and I text back that I would probably go  alone at 10…ish so that I could fit a birthday outing in.

Saturday, I had a lie in, a whole 30 minutes longer than usual untill 8.  It was a slow start and I was already deciding to maybe run the mile reps later when I received a text from Coach Den saying that if I was at his by 10 he would run the reps with me, Great!  No excuses then, I ran across to Coach Dens and much to my annoyance Mindy’s batteries died in route so no way to track my miles 😦 

It was at Coach Dens that he informed me that I shouldn’t trust the Garmin for my mile rep times anyway 😦 oh no, he confirmed what I probably knew, it was unlikely that I had run a 6:08 minute mile.  Oh well, I borrowed a stopwatch and my rep times were:

Mile 1  6:24

Mile 2  6:41

Mile 3  6:34

My GPS had given me a gift, thanks to the inaccurate time of last week I felt great and had a top week training (apart from the hump) so thanks Mindy x  It’s amazing what you can do when you believe in yourself.

I will be on my 16 mile long run as you read this  alone with DJ pod (possibly,  unless I change to run in the afternoon) and still feeling great because I’m good I ran a 6:24 mile and I’m chuffed.  

Lets hope week 3 is a good one.

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