Land of Nod…. #thejoysoffamilylife

Week 3  of Marathon training  made me recall  passing a sign for Land of Nod on a rare child free trip last year to Filey.  I thought it was fantastic that there is a real Land of Nod.  I had every intention to visit THE Land of nod on our return journey home.   I  never made it to the Land of Nod on that trip  and this week I have not  managed to visit the Land of Nod either.   When I have tried to visit it has either been  the wrong place, slodged out on the sofa or is disturbed by one of my many children, animals or charity event worries.

When Marathon training all  of us need to be getting 8-9 hours sleep a night for our muscles to repair or so one of my many magazines  and books tells me I can recommend to women runners.  I am lucky if I ever get the 8 hours,  although my twins do sleep through the night now my dogs don’t . 

Monday – Mondays run was the best run of the week, after a busy day selling sweets to all of the half term visitors to Bourton on the Water, I had a nice run home.   Just a steady 3 miles as recovery from my long run on Sunday.   I had a twingery – which is a slight pain but I was not overly worried.   After this the training and the sleep ran down hill.  I was awake during the night worrying  about where we were going to get a PA from for the charity event happening on Sunday.

Tuesday – Valentines Day, Love love me do you know I love you !   Up early at 7.00am Valentines cards were swapped and I was relucantly out of my warm cosy bed,  dressed in running gear still in a dream like state and heading out of the door to run the speedwork I would normally do in the evening.  I set off and Mindy was not ready to get up, she  took her time to get a signal, then my phone dropped out of my pocket and although all of the frost seemed to have disappeared off the hedgerows and fields I still managed to slide along the road on a patch of black ice.  I was fed up before Id ran my 3 miles warm up and I could not fight the neghead so I returned home after 4 miles miserable and disappointed with myself.  A phone call to Coach Den and a new plan.   Right, the speedwork written off and run a few more miles on Wednesday :/  My day got so much better when I had put the running to the back of my mind.   Flowers were delivered to the Sweet Shop and I was treated to a lovely  evening out to the Theatre to see Avenue Q, which meant lots of laughter at a great show  It was a late night and I was happy to get to bed sometime after midnight.  A few hours sleep and then at 4.30 my little girl was awake and crying.  We checked off all the possibilities, bottom, hunger, thirst, just a cuddle but it was a no go and Dad took her downstairs for a while before bringing her back up stairs so that I could try to sleep before working and running the next day.  I could not get straight back to sleep so lost a couple of hours 😦

Wednesday–  I had agreed with Coach Den to add some miles to Wednesdays run, so I ran a 3 miles to work.  I felt as though I was running a mud paved path and my trainers had been led filled.  I managed to get there and was selling sweets in a busy shop all day.  The run home was not to bad,  but feeling tired and wanting nothing more than to get home my 6 miles seemed to take an eternity.  Run done!!  Off to bed after some sofa napping and a full nights sleep…………………..NOPE,  my  son was up at 3ish after being sick – dad to the rescue but I was still awake and it took me a while to get back to sleep. 

Thursday – Wahoo day off work  but no lie in as I had to meet the lady who looks after the Village hall to collect the keys but she never turned up and was not at home.  I received  call to apologise because I had been forgotten and arranged to collect them on Friday, so it was off out for the day.  Lunch out followed by a trip with the Twins, my girls and Superdad to the park.  It was a nice day but I was tired , Superdad was tired which resulted in an argument 😦 After all of this it was hard getting myself out of the door to running club, but I did.  I ran there and then ran an 8 mile route with a couple of other runners at an 8 min mile which was a great run.  I ran back to Coach Dens to collect chocolate brownies to reward me for my efforts  (not actually true, they were for my fundraiser on Sunday)  After collecting another cake that a friend had made,  it was home to get settled.   I wrote the event plan and then a good nights sleep…….NOPE  !!!  both babies woke and would not go back to sleep. So at 5 in the morning Superdad brought them both downstairs because I had planned to do my long run on Friday so I could spend the whole day at my fundraising event.

Friday –  No work again and up early thinking about the event and my long run ahead.  Another visit to the village hall,  this time to be met and shown around before being handed the keys.  I have to say that the Lower Slaughter Village Hall is fantastic for having everything you could possibly need I was very impressed.   I was  by now feeling very tired which seemed to manifest itself as aches and pains and a sore throat 😦  I had  tired grouchy babies, tired Superdad and no will to do the long run and where there is no will there is NO WAY.   So I changed my plans  again,  my long run could be Saturday and on Sunday I would do my hill reps.  I did of course run this by Coach Den who thought it would be best to not do the long run at all because of being tired and  do my hills on Saturday.  Make the whole run up to 12 miles which would be on a par with the effort of a long run, so that was the plan.   Friday night came and I hoped to get a good nights sleep and visit the land of nod but alas at 3am…ish the doglettes were crying.  Superdad got up to them gave them water, let them out and barked back at them.   Whilst he was downstairs I checked my phone to see the time was  and noticed a text from the school about the choir performing at my event t 12pm on Sunday, OH NO!!!  I’d put 12.30pm on my plan,  I trudged down the stairs much to the annoyance of Superdad who said it could wait and altered the programme.  I did go back up the stairs but any visit to The Land of Nod was out of the question.

Saturday –  I actually did my prescribed training,  I did those hills, I gave them my all and nearly wiped myself out in the process and I made my already overworked muscles take me the whole 12 miles, what a hero.  The rest of the day I had the aches and the pains and a dull sore throat which I put down to the training.  I spent the day looking after the twins and when they were in bed we were fudge bagging (Superdads) home-made fudge and getting everything together whilst Amy my super singing daughter was trying out the Amps and Mics ready for the big Day.  Yes we got amps and mics, they came late in the day from the fabulous music teacher Tim Briggs which was a huge relief.

Lets cut a long long blog short


 No Land of Nod for me and an awful weeks training, however Sunday was a fantastic event raising £307.00 HOORAH !!  and I’d like to say that from then on in its got better but the reason this blog is sooo late is because on Monday after all of the previous week I woke up very poorly and ended up staying in bed all day and then I was off to the Doctors on Tuesday where I was prescribed Antibiotics and an inhaler? what happened there then? no idea, however I am now on the mend I have run a short run with Coach Den so he could give me some pointers for my 10k this Sunday and I should be running tonight but I have decided a little more rest will be fine as I am still fighting to be fit.  Superdad had a tummy bug and  my middle daughter has since gone down with the same illness as me, and the twins have begun with little coughs. 

 So week 4 Marathon Training is looking  GOOD…….

I am smiling whilst I write this blog as I know that I am not the only one who is affected by family life, and life in general and I just want to let you know what heroes we all are for still carrying on despite it all.  I’m going to keep going and so should you.

I do recommend a visit to Land of Nod and if you get there before me let me know what its like please.

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