PB Personal Best or Positively Bonkers

Week 4 Marathon Training – saw me down and out, I managed all of 10 miles out of my 50. 😦

After a not so fantastic week 3 I hoped for renewed vigour and ambition for week 4.  So after a successful charity event raising £307.00 when everything was tidy and away and the little people were safely in their beds we flopped on the sofa at about 9 oclock.  I was tired and ached with a sore throat but put that down to the previous week and the busy day I’d had.

Monday a night in bed and up with a bounce ready to start the new week !!!!  unfortunately not.  I woke up and I was hot and clammy and felt like I  imagine I would feel like if I had been beaten up in the night by the Borrowers.  Every inch of me ached and my throat was letting me know it was not happy which also meant my ears got in on the act aswell.  I got up and got dressed in to my work gear and went down stairs to start the day with twins and  head off to work.  I was a blubbering wreck (poor Superdad)  I can carry on I’ll go to work I said and that was my intention, when I’m there I will be fine.  Eventually I gave in to the inevitable and telephoned the boss and explained why there was no way I’d be in work and if I was I’d be little or no use at all.  I then went off to bed with my 38c temperature feeling cold my feet were cold and when my feet are cold they are not comfy (check out http://splodzblogz.co.uk/ where I have commented about this to win some https://twitter.com/#!/whoogaboots)  or you never know maybe they’ll send me some for giving them a plug 🙂

The rest of my Monday is a blur of blubbering, occasionally lifting my head off the pillow to converse with Superdad or try to eat.  I slept and slept and slept.  So much for not getting to ‘The land of Nod’

Tuesday was a better day but there was no way on my Nelly I was running anywhere and my fabulous nurse from the day before went down with a tummy bug 😦 so fortunately I was able to function a little and we worked together to get the twins dressed and get the kids off to school.  I made an appointment at the Doctors and we gave it all our efforts to get out of the house to get to my appointment.  I was one hundred times better but had a hacking cough and felt lousy.  I waited in the waiting room holding a cough in as much as I could because I know how I feel when someone starts spluttering on me.  The wait to see the Dr was around 30 minutes and my appointment lasted for about 5 minutes, chest listened to, sounded raspy, do I have asthma?, I never have had.  I was prescribed antibiotics and an inhaler and given advice not to run the 10k at the weekend. (I never usually take this kind of advice)  On the way home Superdads mobile rang and it was the school, Connie had a sore throat and could we collect her from school……….. and the rest is a similar story to mine.   Bed, temperature, food and fluids and a poorly girl for 24 hours followed by a Doctors appointment and another day off and nearly well again by Friday when she returned to school Bless her little cottons x

Wednesday I felt ready to face a day at work so I did.  I surreptitiously loaded my bag with my running gear with a plan to try a run home.  If I could work I could run, whether I was tired or not,  from Connie waking in the night for Calpol  (other child friendly paracetamol are available)  Work was very quiet and I sat down a lot to bag up sweets.  I was ready to shut up shop at 4 and get ready to run home.  Just as I was getting my gear on my phone rang it was coach Den,  he was able to run with me and give me some info about the up and coming 10k.  I did warn him that it was going to be slooooooow as I was still ill.  It wasn’t too slow and It was better to have company and all the inside info.  When I ended the run it took me a while to get my cough under control.  At least Coach Den witnessed that my illness was not in the mind because of a 10k coming up.

Thursday I was still finding life hard but getting easier with a little help from antibiotics.  It was probably lingering illness mixed with tiredness because Connie had been awake during the night feeling poorly.  I was supposed to be out with the club and running 8-9 miles but I just could not summon up the mental strength to do it,   I wanted to rest.

Friday is my official day off so yet again no training.  Connie returned to school and I found myself  worn out after having a potter around the supermarket –

Saturday, more shopping and  a trip to the garden centre with Superdad and the twins.  It was the first time I remember this year  being outdoors without a coat and happy in the Sun.  The sun has got his hat on Hip hip hip hooray the sun has got his hat on and he’s coming out to play.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDIpkz6DOi8    This can only be a good sign, spring on the way and a spring in my step or run hopefully. 

Adrenalin and  nerves were  all kicking in knowing that I was going to run a run and it probably wouldn’t be my best.  I still had a chesty cough and even after my whole day in bed I was tired.  I went for a run in the evening and tried running a 4 minute kilometer as that was my plan for the 10K, it was a disaster and I was left a blubbering wreck AGAIN, thinking I was never going to do it.

Sunday the day of the race and both, yes that’s both babies were poorly, full of cold which meant grizzly, dribbly snotty and unhappy little cherubs.  We fed them watered them gave them Parecetomol and got them comfy in their tank for two. It was a glorious day again and we walked the mile and a half to the centre of the village where runners were gathering.  They were all there, the club runners, the first time runners young and old all shapes sizes raring to go.  I on the other hand was still suffering from nerves and adrenalin.  I ran a warm up mile and felt much better after that because I did not cough the whole way through.  I kissed Superdad goodbye and found my place at the start, no personal space we were practically hugging each other.  The starting horn sounded and that was it I was on my way like it or not.  2 laps in the village before heading out of the village and then back and another 2 laps around the village.  My usual running partners at the club went by me and encouraged me to join them but I just could not summon up the energy to give it any more, their passing me and leaving me behind was soul-destroying and run destroying and as I ran back I knew I was way off my goal.  I ran in at 45 minutes and when I found Superdad I burst in to tears and coughed and coughed and coughed.  I did get myself back together and listened to the encouraging words of Superdad, followed by more encouraging words from other club runners and Coach Den.  I had achieved a personal best and although it was not the time I KNOW I can do it was still 2 whole minutes faster than my last 10k.  What a crazy girl I am !!  I had achieved my PB  My PERSONAL BEST time for a run of that distance.

 I have now  agreed to run a half marathon at the weekend and worry about a whole new race.  By then I hope to be back on track.

Yes I  know I am:



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