Looking Good

Here I am feeling awful and looking….. natural? Yes natural is how a fellow club runner described my look on the day of the hard hard 10k last week. ( I am the girl in the blue not the chap in the yellow)  This look was created by rolling out of bed reluctantly in to my race gear, mandatory club top and running trousers.  I was unwell and quite simply could not be bothered to apply make up, I did brush my hair though  (I think). It got me thinking about the importance of what you look like.  When I have applied make-up and I am wearing new gear do I run better because I feel psychologically better? 

I have a minimal budget which means the gear I wear is chosen on what I can afford and not necessarily what I really want to wear.  I get my gear on-line or pick up Karimor from Sports Direct with the occasional trip to JJB and if I really want to feel like I am pushing the boat out I go to my local Up and Running.  I have decided that this year Id like to be a bit more adventurous and bright  with my running tights and non of the shops I’ve mentioned sell anything more colourful than black with a flash of colour on apart from hi-vis in yellow or pink, well at least not when I have been looking.  So it looks like I’ll probably be shopping on-line.

If anyone reading this blog can recommend anywhere that sells bright tights that are comfy and do their job effectively and do not cost the earth please let me know and then maybe I can ask them to give me some gear to blog about.  ( I am determined that one day I’ll be able to blog about something I’ve trialled like fellow bloggers)  Anyway back to the question, is looking good really that important.  I have seen many a runner looking absolutely gorgeous at the start of a race wearing very impressive looking kit and still heard them complain about their runs.

For me I think, YES  if I make an effort regardless of the kit but about my physical appearance particularly on a race day, I feel better about myself  and about the race day photo’s and 99 times out of 100  I run better.  With regards to my training it really makes no odds to me how I look, I can have my best runs in an old race t-shirt and running tights as long as I’ve got my trainers.

So that’s my little bit on looking good and here is what I got up to last week after a diabolical week previously !!

I am chuffed, I have completed a whole week of training, I really thought I was losing the will and I may have said before that for me where there is no will there is no way.

Monday – 3 miles steady on the way home from work.  Good run – just the usual niggles with the backpack, more so this week because I have adjusted the straps and the velcro kept making an annoying noise.

Tuesday– 9 miles including efforts with coach Den, 18 minutes made up of 2x1mins then a rest 1x2mins then a rest untill 18 minutes were completed.  As always I gave what I had to give and due to my walking briefly in the rest period I was singled out for extra coaching on one of the sprints which meant I pushed harder than I may have.  It’s all mental Coach Den tells me!!   I reckon he’s right it is bloomin MENTAL

Wednesday – 6 miles home from work

Thursday – I went to running club with Doug who is just getting back on track with his running and this was his first time at the club since we joined.   We ran a short 3.5 miles, this should have been my day off but it was nice to be out running with Doug again.

Friday  My pre-race day run, this was the best training run I have had in ages – dressed in my Great South Run T-shirt  as the sun  was going down I ran 6 miles at a fab pace averaging 7.5min miles and felt great afterwards.  So whilst still on a running high I prepared my kit for the run and got Orville ready too.

Saturday – Half Marathon Day – This was a run at Long Marsdon airfield near Stratford. There were 3 races going on at the same time around the airfield.  A 5k a 10k and the Half Marathon.  We arrived nice and early so I could collect my timing chip and race bib and familiarise myself with the route.  We got a goody bag before even starting the race which was nice and a Chocolate Eclair (of the sweet variety) or 2 yum.  There were a few other members of my club running aswell and we all said our hello’s and good luck’s.  Once Id got my number I made a visit to the amenities which had NO queues, this was a pleasant change.  I ran a 2 mile warm up, this was also because I was running my long run today aswell and had to get 18 in total in and then a kiss to Doug and wave to the twins and I was off on the first lap of 4 and a bit for the first 3 miles a ran with a fellow road runner Pete and kept his pace of 7 mins a mile and then I began to flag.  I had another runner with me who I will call marmite lady as that was her top which I saw the back of a few times but then left her in my dust (hee hee) and she asked me if I was running the 10k or the Half.  I told her the half and she asked ,me what time I was going for?  at first I said I don’t like to say a time but maybe 1hr 50.  You are looking at a better time than that she said.  This made me feel good and I kept up my pace of about 7.30 min miles.  The wind was evil  – that’s the only word that springs to mind, at some points it was blasting into our faces and pushing us back.  I managed to tuck in behind some runners and get shelter from the wind on one or 2 laps.  The support was out in force and on every lap the Bourton Road Runners gang were shouting me on, including coach Den and Coach Doug giving me a pep talk on each lap.  I started to slow towards the end but summoned up a last little sprint on the home run the cheers of my fellow runners along the home straight.  I finished my run as 10th Woman back and our team 3 ladies the others both first in their category won a prize.  I am now the proud owner of a clock/ photo frame (the prizes for the team were all donated)  This was a  run, and yes regardless of the pics which look very much like the one at  start of this post I thought



As I post this I have one last day to run, 7 miles tonight, I have been putting it off but I’m going to do it…………………in a bit when the babies are in bed

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