UP and down UP and down an Iddy Biddy Blog

“Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day.”

~Author Unknown
This quote is something I should bear in mind.  I can be up one moment and down the next, ready to face the world and all it has to throw at me on one day and wanting to curl up under the duvet in the hope that everyone will just go away and leave me alone on another, I do not have depression, I just have a relationship, kids, animals,  a job,  a hobby that needs me to keep fit and that is my life and life is like that isn’t it?
My main focus at this moment in time if you have failed to notice is my training for the London Marathon and raising the money I have pledged for Help the Hospices.  I cannot just focus solely on this though as day-to-day life gets in the way. 
After a fantastic half Marathon run on Sunday I was left feeling on top of the world and with a ‘Can do’ attitude which carried on to Monday when the sun was shining briefly and I was a great runner great mum and a great sweet shop lady and my 3 mile run home  was an achy trek but fine and when I got home I was happy.  A night in doing the usual family stuff and off to bed…………….
Oh no happy me has been abducted in the night and replaced with lethargic sloth like lady who could just manage to get her twins sorted and get ready for work???  where had happy ‘Can do’ me gone.  I know it is all in the mind and sometimes the mind is affected by the body.   I am currently working on training the mind to not tell the body that it is tired and cannot be bothered when it really can be bothered.   I recovered from my mooching with the help of a little sun and went to my club  hill session and ran myself sick again, I will not eat before an effort session again!!  ( I won’t really even though I may have said this before)
I would say Wednesday was an okay day untill the evening when after dinner and babies  bathed and to bed the CBBs (Can’t be botherds) kicked in and I had to fight the urge to have a day off the running and not run my scheduled 6 miles.  I did fight and was changed in to running gear and running down the lanes at 8 in the evening feeling pleased with myself for getting it done.  The fact that the moon was bright and stars were shining made it all so much better.
Thursdays was a level day, not up not down just normal Id say.  The sweet shop had its window broken which was not good and I ended up dealing with it for a while on my day off with Superdad and the twins.  The run?  well that should have been 9-10 miles and after the first 3 at the club with Doug I offered to run with a club runner named John who has run 19 London Marathons and is due to run his 20th this year, he runs as Shakespeare so look out for him and he is also due to run his 20th Great North Run, we ran 10 miles together and he talked the entire way.  He had some fantastic tales to tell about running the New York Marathon and nearly not finishing it his first time, we were running 9 min miles and it was nice to listen to him, he also gave me the low down on Coach Dens  (go back for a few posts to Have Coach will train to find out about Coach Den)  historic love life which was interesting as Coach Den’s wife is my long run partner and I will be sharing it with her on Sundays up and coming 20 miles
Today is my day off and once again I have had a lethargic day but this could be due to the extra few miles on last nights run? Chippy chips for dinner, babies in bed, a bit of Pic an Mix and I am chilling and the mood is lifting 🙂
I am working on getting on an even keel and not being so Up and down Up and Down
Happiness and Positivity breed Happiness and Positivity so I will be Happy and Positive especially tomorrow when I’m running 4x mile efforts :/
In other News:
I have been looking for another job and maybe working in the local Chemist soon  #Exciting  well a change anyway
I have created a new Twitter Feed @runformation for running info, please follow me and @cotswold_claire
and……… I still need you all to get donating to www.justgiving.com/claire-harrison-london-2012

3 thoughts on “UP and down UP and down an Iddy Biddy Blog

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  1. Up and down up and down yes I know that feeling very well. Lots of people say “that’s life” and all that, and maybe it is to a certain extent, but you are right in what you suggest about happiness and positivity breeding in the same way success breeds success does. I don’t know the answer of course, but hope that you can get your head in a place where it is in charge with its positive thinking. But remember, feeling low can also be a sign of tiredness, so double check with your body that it is ok and doesn’t need an evening off or some gentle time before you force it into anything.

  2. I am training to take on the 3 peaks and i am walking about 7 miles per day training for it. I really enjoy reading yr blog cos it cheers me up to know i am not the only one who suffers CBBs. There is no way i could ever run cos i am totally the wrong shape (think comfort not speed!!). Anyway good luck with it x

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