Sunshine Award Meme


Whats all this about?

I was tagged in a post ‘Sunshine Award Meme’  by a blogger that I aspire to be as creative and successful as one day (We all need people to look up to) Zoe Holmes the creator of  I now have to write a post answering the questions below to enlighten you all.

Favourite Colour

My immediate thought is Blue and I know why it is because through trial and error I have realised that blue is a colour that looks good when I wear it, not light blue , not dark blue this blue


Favourite Animal

My favourite animal is the one who is being the best behaved out of Sid and Bodi below,  who hasn’t chewed up my stairs, ran off with clothes in to the garden, knocked over a child or put moody footprints all over my floors.  So neither would get the vote this week, so I’d have to go for who looked the cutest on a particular day.  For example the other day at bath time Bodi was my favourite.

Favourite Number

Currently 26 my number for the next race  The Gloucester 20, last week it was  307 and the week before 101 – it all depends what race is coming up 🙂

Favourite Non Alcoholic Drink

Hot chocolate , I have tried to give it up although I only have one a day.  It has to be hot milk with drinking chocolate and whipped cream and chocolate drops are always a welcome addition.

Facebook or Twitter

I used to be all for Facebook until I discovered Twitter.  I think its great, it’s where I discovered blogs and where I was inspired to write my very own blog.  I do still use  my Facebook account which I have linked to my Twitter account but Twitter is tops right now.

My Passion

I have always had difficulty in finding MY passion, I  have had moments of passion ‘of course’ blushing!!  but my passion in life was something I had not discovered.  Then I began to get fit, the reason for this was weight-loss and this soon turned into weight maintenance and then just physical fitness.  In my quest for the right exercise I discovered running, first those 2-3 milers that were hard work and then a race entry and then a MARATHON and then club membership more race entries and one of the few things that can get me out of the door even on the worst of days. 

Getting or Giving Presents

Selfishly getting presents, I had a great present this Christmas from Doug, my Orville who I was over the moon with so over the moon I was hysterical.  That gift took thought and knowledge of me and it was fantastic as was Mindy.  I love gifts and its Mothers day soon a major plus having 5 kids on this day 🙂  When it comes to giving I can get so stressed that I get the right thing that it takes much of the enjoyment away.  I do like to see a happy gift recipient though,  it makes me feel  fuzzy and warm when I get it right.

Favourite Pattern

Which ever pattern is on my duvet at the end of the day when I relax in to bed zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Favourite Day of the Week

It all depends on what happens on that day of the week .  If it’s a good day then it could quite possibly be my favourite day.

Favourite Flower

Any Yellow flower, Sunflower, Daffs, Buttercups, Daisy’s  (they have a nice yellow centre)  I have Sunflowers everywhere at the moment as that is the flower of my charity Help the Hospices so they are a particular fave especially edible ones.

What happens next? If I’ve tagged you below then you are supposed to:

  1. Thank the person who gave you the award
  2. Write a post about it 
  3. Answer the questions
  4. Pass it on to other bloggers who you think really deserve it and send them a message to let them know

Here’s my tags – blogs I enjoy reading, I look forward to finding out about you:

www.marathonmercer.wordpress. the first blog I read and enjoyed it recent reader, love the blogs 🙂

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