So important yet So neglected


This my foot!! Sorry to those of you who are squeamish about feet. My feet have never been the prettiest and after Marathon training, a Marathon and then more Marathon training they have become worse.

The last time I remember having nice, well not nice but ok feet was about 2-3 years ago. I could confidently wear a sandal or an open toed shoe and regularly had painted toenails. I have since neglected my poor feet and have lost a nail or 2 after they have turned a not so healthy colour and my BIG toenail is trying to grow back. I know all the hints and tips to avoid ugly feet so even though I’ve not followed them myself here they are for you along with my usual update of a weeks Marathon training:

It is recommended that you buy trainers half a size bigger than your size

Keep your toenails neatly clipped

Exfoliate and moisturise

Love them they work really hard they are one of your best supporters

This weeks running led up to my long run which was a race the Gloucester 20 on Mothers day.

Monday was an 8 mile run that followed my Sunday long 20. I set off from work ran half a mile out and just decided I didn’t want to run. I didn’t feel like running the same hill I’d ran the day before or along part of a route I’d ran about 3 times already that week so I stopped and rang Doug to get a lift home. I went home had dinner, put the twins to bed and decided to do my 8 miles keeping Doug company at the gym on the treadmill. 8 miles was the longest run I have ever done on a treadmill because I get bored. I ended up counting for a few miles to keep myself focused it was hard work and I started to think I should have ran earlier but I did it and as a result felt victorious.
Tuesday, Tuesdays are speed work night and as usual around mid afternoon I started thinking I probably didn’t want to go, but I did and had a good session with a different coach Neil this week I worked hard and had mo fear of coach Den on my shoulder.
Wednesday was a nice 4 miles home from the gym, I got a lift to the gym and whilst Doug went to the gym, I ran home. It was a downhill route which was nice and I had a sing along session with DJ pod. It was probably a good thing I was in the lanes at night, those poor countryside creatures 🙂
Thursday, all I can say about Thursday is oh dear. I went to club with Doug and I ran with Doug for the short run. After the short run Doug went home and I went on the longer run. There were not many of us running the long route, there were the faster group, then me your middle of the roady runner and another runner Chris. I set off running with Chris and had the front runners in my sights , as we headed up a hill Chris dropped off and I ran on. I caught up to a group that must have set off before us as they were not the front runners. I explained that I’d left Chris and I was going to run back to collect him and they offered to hang on for him so I pushed on. My directions were to take the turning past Clapton on the left. Well that was how I heard them. My torch light was dying and I’d resorted to using the torch app on my phone. There was no sign of anyone in front or behind and my phone battery signalled it was going to give up. I kept running thinking I’d soon see someone or get to that left turn, nope!!! I ended up in a village called Sherborne which was not where I was meant to be. I am usually fine running down dark country lanes but the thought of no light no phone panicked me a little so I phoned Doug and asked him to come and get me!

NOTE TO SELF: Do not leave a running buddy on a training run the miles count not the pace
Always make sure torch is fully charged! !
No your route

Saturday a nice 5 miles to stretch out with Doug following on his bike 🙂

Briefly, a great run for me which was paced by John Gibson who is 58 and has had a great running career he is mentioned in an earlier blog. I stayed at under 8 min miles marathon pace all the way on a 3 lap course which included a hill. First lap hill just a bump third lap hill a mountain. I ran home in 2hrs 35 mins 2 hrs 34 mins 43 seconds to be precise and I was well chuffed and I still am. A great training run and a fantastic race apart from the mile and a half walk to the start.

Happy Running Happy Runners


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