Bottle that Buzz

Those of you who read my blog or follow my twitter feed will know that by the end of last weeks training I ran a 20 Mile race in great time which bodes well for my achieving my goal of a sub 3:30 Marathon.  The training is paying off!!! Wahooooooo!!!

I was and remain happy, chuffed, ecstatic, energetic, over joyed,


  Yes we have had a run of terrific weather and I am solar-powered! If the sun shines I shine too.  However I think I have  buzz left in my system.  Most of us know the effects of Adrenalin whether you’re a runner, performer, mum to be or a bunji jumping thrill seeker (incidentally one of the best adrenaline rushes I’ve ever had) or heading out on your driving test.

My adrenalin buzz starts as soon as I get up on race day and sees me twitchy and up and down the stairs checking kit, checking my number, checking kit, checking my number, my stomach starts churning and I spend a lot of time in one room in particular I am sure you can guess!  untill my body knows I’m ready to run. I always think I’m going to be late and I’m always an hour or early. I am then on edge untill that starting gun fires.  I have to make myself run at a slow pace or what feels a slow pace slow because when I’m adrenalin fueled I can easily go too fast too soon which means I burn out too soon.  So last week I paced myself through the entire race and  as a result I am convinced a little buzz was left in my system which meant a great week of training that looked like this:


6 miles home after a day at work.  Running up the hills enjoying the scenery when my running buddy from Sunday passed and stopped to check if I’d seen the race report which said he had faded towards the end which made me chuckle he was seconds behind me heres the report


Speedwork / Efforts – I felt great, well not great but like I had alot to give so I did 🙂 and ran home along the dark lanes pleased as punch!!


After work again,  6 miles along the route that last Monday I gave up on.  The hill slowed me to the pace of a fast snail but the downward hill was a pleasant reward.  Still happy, still had the buzz.


Club run, ran to club with Doug following on the bike and then we ran 3 miles followed by another 8 miles for me running with another road runner Jill and chatting all the way !!  I was tired when I arrived home but felt good


My original schedule had an easy 3 so that I could run a 10k on the Sunday but because I am not running the 10k I received a text from Coach Den with instructions to run 5 miles  with 12 fartleks 😦   although my buzz was wearing off I went out with Coach Doug on his bike and ran my little socks off, running the fartleks on Doug’s command.  This run gave me a bit of the buzz back – I always get a bit buzzy after speedwork.


My long run was 18 miles and I chose to run most of the route of a Bourton Road Runners race known as The Hilly Half’

I went at 3.30…ish and the sun was still high so it was a hot hilly run and I felt as though someone had swapped my legs for tree trunks in some places but on the whole it was a good run.  The best thing about today’s run was getting to show off my Xempo top that displays the time I ran  a marathon in to everyone who sees me 🙂

There a great idea and if you want to see what colour you are go to

I am now sat with achey buttocks on my sofa feeling very buzzless  and wishing there was a way that I could bottle the buzz and just have a sip every now and again.  I suppose for now I’ll just have to get the buzz from another race, thankfuly I have the Forest of Dean Half marathon next week 🙂 although I could do with some for tomorrows 10 mile training run!!

Bring on the Buzz

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