3 Runs – 3 pairs of Socks – Hilly Clothing-Socks Review

Hilly Clothing are the leading manufacturer of running socks and race accessories.  With the expertise of Dr Ron Hill they have been designing socks for runners for over 20 years and I have luckily been able to get involved with their tester programme.

  I received 3 pairs of socks in the post just in time for my next 3  runs, a 20 mile long run, a 10 mile not so long run and a speed-work session so an ideal opportunity to try them all out.

The first pair I tried out were a pair of mono skins they looked great, I think all Hilly socks look great and the Mono Skins looked thick and comfy.  The ideal choice for 2 hours and 30 minutes on pounding the roads.  imageThey fit nicely and felt comfy with extra thickness on the toes, heels and under the foot – so off I went.  The run was a hard run but my feet were comfy and despite the heat of the day not over hot.  I cannot deny my feet did ache on my return but they always do after a long plod, there were no issues with blisters or sore patches anywhere.

The next run was a shorter one of just 10 miles and the next choice of sock was the Twin Skin anklet.  The twin skin anklet is a double sock, I hope that makes sense, it feels as though there are 2 socks and although you only put one on, there are 2 socks that make up the Twin Skin.  The 10 miles I ran were once again comfy for the feet with not a blister in sight.  My only criticism is that it is more ankle sock than trainer sock so with my Capri running tights the look isn’t great I prefer a trainer sock.

The third and final sock was another Twin Skin sock, this time a full sock which was spot on and my prefered colour too.  I wore it to my speed-work session and it kept my tootsies very happy and I am still blister free 🙂

Once upon a time I had no preference on socks at all any sock would do, but since the miles have increased I have found it more and more important to get things like socks right!!

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