When Mindy became Malcolm

No this is not the blog of someone going through a sex change operation, this is a blog about when I had to share Mindy my Garmin and most loyal running buddy, we are very close.

How did this happen?   Well unfortunately Doug left the watch part of his Nike band in his joggers and I put them in the wash.  So was this my fault for not checking them beforehand or Doug’s for leaving it in there ? either way when it came to Doug’s next run I had a twinge of guilt that he had no way of checking the miles off, he also has no smart phone at the moment, after he threw  it to/at me and the screen broke 😦

The loving and giving Friday’s Child in me came out and I said with unease, you can use my Garmin.  A few minutes later Doug came downstairs ready for his run.  ‘I’ve got Malcolm’ he said. Well that sent me over the edge, ‘Malcolm!!, what the hell are you talking about?  her name is Mindy not bloomin Malcolm’  this amused Doug and he has continued to call Mindy Malcolm just to see me cringe. He has used Mindy twice now and each time I miss her and worry until her safe return.  Fortunately it looks as though drying out the Nike band watch is working and Mindy will be able to keep working with just me, phew!!!

Do you mind sharing your gear device or are you happy to share?

One thought on “When Mindy became Malcolm

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  1. It was your fault for not emptying his pockets. All wives know men are incapable of emptying their pockets pre-laundry. It is in our genetic make up.

    You do realise I would never say this straight to my own wife, because according to the house law book such reactionary talk results in prosecution with a maximum sentence of 2 nights on the sofa (one night with good behaviour and only probation if I make lunch, tea, bathe the kids put them to bed and read them a story)

    I write this from the comfort of my own bed. It pays to live by the rules.

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