Third Time Lucky – Forest of Dean Half

This will be a quick Sunday evening blog !!

This weeks training has been ummm, I would say good.  I have been lacking some buzz but on the whole its been a good week. 

Monday – a 10 mile plod recovering from my Sunday 18.  The weather was good and I ran after work 🙂

Tuesday – efforts an effort, we ran as fast as we could for a minute and then marked our names in chalk.  I struggled to get back to my mark for the next 12 attempts but I tried

Wednesday – I started running after work and had one of my I just don’t want to do this moments so I jogged to the park and collected my kids from play rangers and we had a very nice walk home together.  Run aborted :/

Thursday – Great cross-country running with the club, gorgeous views.  If I havent mentioned it already I LOVE where I live.

Saturday – Kid free evening so getting out on that training run was not as easy as normal (it’s a good escape from a hectic house) but I ran a nice 3 and then ran with Doug another 3 which included his 6 efforts.  It was nice to be out training together 🙂


Forest of Dean the 3rd (for me anyway)

Today I ran the Forest of Dean for the 3rd time.  It was my first half marathon and then the next time it was my first race after having my twins. 

Due to being child free this morning we were up a little later than we would normally be, I had my porridge and a coffee and we set off.  I had of course applied my make-up to help me look the best I could for any race pics, but I know they will have caught me looking awful they usually do.

We arrived at Speech house in the Forest of Dean at 9.30am and after collecting the timing chip and fixing it to my laces because my sticky paper band was naff,  I queued for 15 mins to use the loo (joy) but it just had to be done, pre race nerves 🙂

A hug and a kiss from my number one supporter for luck and I went and joined other runners in a rather ambitious time slot 1hr10 mins  – 1hr30 mins.  Optimism is the way forward think yourself great be great!  We were told about the new ruling that the cars would take priority over runners on the road crossing,  which I hoped would not stop me running a good time.  The countdown began and we all began the run.  Just a short run on the roads before I turned onto the familiar trails and a very pleasant run began.  I ran a steady pace down hill knowing that all this great down would result in not so great up.  I had a silent run and for some reason did not speak to a single runner all the way which is very unusual for me.  I managed to run up all the hills remembering the superfresco advert what goes up must come down!!  I hit a lull around 7 miles and fought the demon telling me I was tired – (I really was not too tired) and then had a major boost when I saw the 10 mile marker when I was expecting the 9 mile marker.  I ran home strong, I was very frustrated when I lost the lilac jacket women who I had been chasing and been chased by for 2 -3 miles at around 12 miles but joyous when I had the push in me to run strong past wolf man (the writing on his t-shirt) towards the finishing line.  I collected my 2012 medal grabbed a drink and went in search of Doug for a celebratory hug and kiss.  Then back to the car to collect Orville as Doug refuses to carry him around with him,  for after races photo’s



  • March 28th 2010- 2:03:27 (my first ever half)
  • March  27th 2011- 2:12:49 (only had my twins 3 months before)
  • April 1st 2012 – 1:44:08


So definitely smashed my PB for this course and things can only get better!!!!!!!!!!!




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