Thoosa Womens Running Clothing

Thoosa’s mission is to create simple, stylish, comfortable and flattering active wear for women. Heres my review!



Swift Vest BerryCity Vest MarineChill Jacket RoseCity Capri BerryCity Capri Black


After a week of wearing my Thoosa Gear I can honestly say it looks good and feels good to wear.  It arrived on a week day and was waiting for me when I returned home from work.  I opened the package and all of the items were in a dust bag which I thought was a very nice touch.

The first trousers I tried out were the City Capri’s in Black.  The material is comfortable, light and breathable.  When I first put them on it felt strange for them to be loose fitting on the knee and there was some umming and ahhhring as to whether I liked them or not.  But as I say
The proof is in the running.

I also put my Marine Vest on and thought I looked good, as good as I can look anyway 🙂  The weather was warm so the light weight material of both was Ideal.  I ran a short run and felt that I looked good and could run freely as the top and trousers were loose fitting. The jacket has come in very useful and has been worn on chilly runs as its light weight and comfy to run in after a race it was great to put on and It looks good and has nice styling. I have also worn it out walking.
My favourite outfit is the Berry vest and Berry capris trousers, the vest is a nice shape and the Berry is a yummy colour. The Capri trousers are in a style I am used to, not too tight so really comfy. They are my running trouser choice at the moment.

The Good

This gear is comfy, stylish and versatile at a middle price bracket and not something you see everyone wearing because it is only available online

The Bad

Being available online only means some wait to try things out and a guess at what will suit or not.

The Ugly

Nothing ugly about this brand at all

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