Help I’m a Blogger (meme)

This is a blog I just have to do, I may need help as I am most definitely a blogger all consumed in every way – I think blogs all the time at home, at work out running and  Tweets 🙂 This is a meme passed on to me by  Zoe of Splodz who was one of my inspirations to start blogging.

What is your blog about?

I suppose my blog is primarily about running, with other bits and bobs thrown in to the mix when they come up.  I intended it to be about everyday life and at the moment with training for the Marathon my life is very much running with family life alongside.  I have also now been lucky enough to start reviewing. When and how did you start blogging?

1st Jan 2012 – I had been tweeting for a while and had come across blogs that I had enjoyed and thought, I can do that.  So I did and the rest is History or will be in a few more years or so.

What was your first post?

Hello 2012 – A blog about seeing in the new year and new years day.  As Simple as a pimple !!

Does blogging affect your life and if so how?

It does indeed, it started out as a weekly thing and then I began wanting to blog about other things that happened in the week, then came the reviews and I have now offered to be a Health and Fitness blogger for a company I approached about reviews, so another blog will begin soon.  It is a GOOD, but BAD thing that I need to manage better than I perhaps do (yes Doug I know ) and added to hours of running, and tweeting,  I am terrible to live with  always on the laptop or with phone in hand.

What do you love most about blogging?

I like sharing my crazy thoughts on the world with others and hopefully passing the benefit of my experiences onto others.  I have watched the blog slowly growing and I have been offered opportunities to help it grow more.  It’s a way for me to be a bit creative too!!

Who will keep this going?  it’s a great meme so please try,

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  1. Thanks for carrying on this meme… and thanks for saying I inspired you – I hope your blog continues to grow and develop as time goes on. Zoe x

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