No Taper for Me

With 3 weeks to go until the London Marathon many of my fellow runners are tapering.  I am however following the advice of Coach Dastardly Den ( I love you really) which means another hard week before the cool down begins.

MONDAY – a 9 after a busy working day, I think it was ok it seems so long ago now, I did it and that is the main thing.
TUESDAY – A short cross country followed by long reps mins which with the help of other runners to chase went well
WET WEDNESDAY – It rained on me for the first 3-4 miles and I resembled a soggy wet dog with my hair sticking to my head. It got better and I met a club mate Steph on route which helped perk me up for a mile. Doug offered me a lift as he came past me at the bottom of a long hill but I resisted and ran what I had left to do HERO RUNS ON HUMP DAY !!
THURSDAY – Cross country club runs, the first, a short 2.5 mile run and the next a 5 mile route which the club do the 1st Thursday of the month for any runners who are at the in-between stage not up to 8/9 but ready for more than 3. I was asked a few times if I was just cruising because I was running at a slower pace, I wasn’t that was all I really had in me. It was nice to have a run and a natter. I ran home as well to a nice hot tub and a tasty hot choc
SATURDAY – my schedule said 4 x minute mile reps, 7 miles in total. I didn’t relish the thought at all, and then I received a txt from Coach Den. Could I do my run at 12.30 and I didn’t have to run the mile reps because Id run long reps on Tuesday. A very happy me, however this happiness faded when I felt terrible running reps of 1&2 mins with Dennis and a fabulous marathon runner Shona If I felt like I did it was working so Dennis said and when Shona described me as a Pit Bull, Dennis kindly said that yeah she is sometimes, buy sometimes she’s a poodle!! Cheers Den 🙂
SUNDAY – Hooorah, the last long run until THE DAY is done. I was up at 6.30 after a night out watching the Wurzels and drinking Scrumpy ( just the one pint) and heading over to my running buddies to start a 20 mile run. I was tired, legs ached sometimes, ran well sometimes. I tried some new Gels SIS Tropical which I wasn’t keen on really and have decided if I use SIS it will be the Orange for me.

So now THE TAPER less miles still max effort begins

2 weeks to go !!

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