Spiband – Wrist and Ankle Pocket – Nifty Little Blog

Spibelt  have a nifty new product that will be available in October. www.spibelt.com


The Spiband

I received it through the post a few weeks ago and since then it has been a very well used accessory.  In all honesty when arrived I didn’t think I’d get a lot of use out of it at all but I have.

It has been to running club with me and out and about walking with the Doug and the twins.  I have carried my key in it and my cash card.  It has also been used as a sweat band (sorry but if you need to wipe your head, you do)

What makes it so nifty?  Its made from light weight moisture wicking material which you do forget your wearing.  The material is cleverly folded to create a secure pocket.  It’s also reflective – which is always a good thing.

So there you have it a nifty little blog – I will remind you in October that it is available and you will definitely see me out in mine. 

Just thought  – it’s also quite good to have a bit of change in it if you’re at work and cannot have a bag with you 🙂


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