Reminicing on the Run

This week was the first week of my taper and I have of course thought back over my last 3 months training and also the training I did for the first marathon I ran in October 2011.  It has also got me thinking about my first attempts at running. 

I had a few failed attempts in my teen years when I went out with my dad and then I went years before I even contemplated running.  The next time I thought about running was when I saw a poster in the town that I lived in advertising a running club with a session for people who wanted to start running, I went twice and was mortified at how bad I felt when we ran a mile for the first time that I never went back  😦  I increased my exercise by swimming and took up kickboxing and slowly my fitness level increased.  I still had no plans to run untill I went to a Kickboxing class one night and the class was not on because of voting in the hall.  I went into panic as I needed my endorphin fix and Doug who I was ‘just friends’ with then suggested a run.  So we ran, I ran !! I actually ran about 3 miles and felt good after it.  Now I had discovered that I could run.  I began running a short route that involved a mighty hill and slowly increased that run untill it became 3, 4, 5 miles and then more.  The next step was a race, so I ran a race – well not really a race, a local charity run.  I ran 10 miles and I was the second lady home which was a big boost.  A while after this I joined a running club and started thinking about and running more  races, cross-country races and my first half marathon.  Then I became pregnant with the twins and stopped running for a while.  When the twins were about 2 months old I began running again, I remember that first mile back, I was in tears because I felt awful and thought I’d completely lost my fitness.  I did not let how I felt stop me instead I signed up for a half marathon in 10 weeks time and got training and then when I’d done that I signed up for a marathon and so it continues. 

Enough about the distant past for now let me tell you about the last week –

MONDAY – Nice 5 mile run after work, 5 miles what a treat, really loving this taper business

TUESDAY –  A  3 mile club run followed by speedwork.  Despite my plea for less speedwork I ran all the intervals, we ran 1 minute with a minute break and 2 minutes with a 2 minute break until we had run 18 mins and due to tapering I didn’t run home I got a lift

WEDNESDAY – A windy run home I ran 3 and a half, I was supposed to run 5 I think but felt like I’d had enough when I’d run 3 and a half and I was so close to home

THURSDAY–  Became my day off because I was tired and there was a threat of rain  – I made the decision to run Thursday’s 10 miles on Friday morning

FRIDAY- A lovely morning run at 7.00am which saw me running through mist into sun and back in to mist.  It was cold and damp and then warm and wonderful.  The morning run is really fabulous, there is always so much going on with wildlife and people all starting their day.  Then just to add to the day I went on a walk along the Cotswold Way with Doug, Amy and the twins which made for a very active day indeed.

SATURDAY  – An easy 3 in the evening

SUNDAY –  The plan today was to run a 10k in Leamington Spa, however I did not have the will so I was unable to get out of bed and get the twins up and out of the door by 7.30.  So change of plan I ran 9 miles in Crewe and Nantwich where my parents live as I was picking up Connie from my mum.  Crewe / Nantwich  is where I have lived attended school and college and work and I  had lots to reminisce about.  Before my run I went to see my Grandma and remembered playing in the back yard my twins were playing in when I was not much older than they are now, I then ran to my mums and Doug took the twins over in the car.   I ran past my old college which actually no longer exists there is a whole new building, I ran past my old school which has not changed that much at all, I ran past a house that I remembered as an old post office and I swear I could smell the sweets.  I then ran in to Nantwich and ran a route that took me past my nans house, unfortunately my nan died last November and her house is nearly sold.  I had not been back to her house since her funeral so it was a teary time for a while as I ran on home to my parents. 

This week has been all about reminiscing – and it has  been good to think about what I’ve done, what I’ve run and achieved and what is to come.


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