A Runners Rant- Keep Britain Tidy!!!!

Whats happened to the keep britain tidy campaign?  It used to be everywhere when I was younger and now nothing.

The reason for my question is because on the last few runs that I have run along Cotswold roads and country lanes I have seen lots of rubbish.  Rubbish obviously thrown from vehicles or left behind.  On my run home last night I do not think I ran more than a quarter of a mile without seeing some rubbish. Here’s a few things I saw, clothing, coffee cups, takeaway wrappers, cans, chocolate wrappers, milk cartons, televisions, bags various kinds and worst of all in the middle of a country lane at the side of the road a flipping fridge.

It’s terrible! ! We have lots of recycling facilities and ways to get rid of rubbish without ruining our lovely countryside!!

Rant over


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