Best of British – Brightest Running Stars

This week it is the London Marathon 2012 and the day after is St Georges Day so I am going to get all-patriotic and tell you who are Britain’s Brightest Running Stars in the Marathon and London 2012, ooh and have I mentioned I am running on Sunday which is very exciting !


Best of British Marathon Runners

Our hopefuls for the 2012 Olympics will be running the London Marathon hoping to secure their place in Team GB 2012.  There are 2 places on the men’s team one already secured by Scott Overall in Berlin.  Scott Overall is a 29-year-old Athlete from London who has been running from the age of 14; he will be helping pace for other Olympic hopefuls at this years London Marathon.  So who is running for those places?  Lee Merrien 33 will be running to get a place in the Olympic team he is based in Guernsey.  He was the 14th and first Brit over the line in 2011 running home in 2 hours 14 minutes and 17 seconds.  The other hopeful is Benedict Whitby who is a 34 year old running London police officer.  There is just one place on the women’s Olympic team the athletes who have secured places are Paula Radcliffe 38 and Mara Yamauchi aged 38 and just 2 others will be running in London, Claire Hallissey aged 29 and Louise Damen aged 29.


Who I believe are the Best of British Runners!




The times and Team GB places are truly fantastic.  I believe that the fun runners running the marathon for thousands of charities are Britain’s Best.  Thousands of runners of all shapes and sizes dressed as all sorts of things will take to the roads on Sunday, not hoping for an Olympic qualifying place but just hoping to get round after spending weeks training and raising money. 


They are truly Britain’s Best for getting out there and doing their best!!

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