3 hours 30 minutes and 25 -My London Marathon Experience


Not much sleep, probably none at all

Up and out early needed to leave at half past four

I got dressed put all the gear on my race number and  chip

Double knotted trainer laces ensured I would not trip

Double checked everything made sure it was all there

Anyone seen my Garmin anywhere?

I made sure my porridge was eaten and a banana too

Were we already?

Nope, sorry I needed the loo

In the car and off we set

Foot down Douglas we have a train to get!!

We arrived a little early because I was keen go

I had to get to London

I was running the London Marathon

As if you did you not know?

I visited the loo

YES I had to go again

I had to go quickly so not to miss the train

I checked out fellow passengers to see what their outfits said

Marathon runners were given away by their kit bags all pillar box red

We travelled across London in a wave of running types

A woman on a train reassured me I’d be alright

Last stop Greenwich and a convoy to the park

Me and my support team headed to my start

As we reached the red start emotions were running high

Another quick loo break before we said goodbye

Stuffed everything I did not need into my numbered kit bag

As I said goodbye, did I feel happy? or did I feel sad?

I gave all my belongings to a guy on the right truck

Headed for my starting pen with my wishes of good luck

Met a fellow charity runner Karina was her name

We compared the training we had done

 The money we had  raised

All of the charity runners deserve tons and tons of praise

It felt like forever, but it went really quick

The start!! we were moving

We were off

That was it!!

Pace yourself Claire

Not to fast not to slow

Keep your mind on the end game

You know how fast you have got to go

Gels every 30 minutes

 Checked my pace at every mile

As the crowds all cheered and clapped

I could not help but smile

The buzz was unbelievable even when I was in pain

I ran my little heart out

This is why I’d trained

The words of my coach where firmly in my head

It will get really hard but will get better is what he’d said

Runners all around me all sizes and all shapes

We were all champions

We had what it takes

I spotted my supporters first Doug then Amz and Lou

All of you supporters I was running  this for you

I arrived  on the Embankment the end not  far away

The sun was shining brightly not a spot of rain all day

Keeping myself focused and ignoring achey feet

I kept running hard pounding along the street

600 yards 4 and then 2

I could see the finish I knew what I had to do

Run run run with all my heart and soul

I ran over the finish line

I’d hit my Marathon Goal

I had run the London Marathon and I had survived

I smashed my personal best

3 hours 30 minutes and 25

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