They Gro so Quickly- GroBag Review

GroBag, if you have little people between the ages of 0-3 years it will be unlikely that you will not have heard of the Gro Company

Robbie and Daisy my terrific twins have been assisting me in reviewing the Dotty Day Out Grobag. They have been wearing the GroBags for the last 3-4 weeks

When we received the GroBags I loved the packaging and they looked good before I’d even removed them. When I took them out of the packaging the free nursery thermometer was a nice little extra.

The Dotty Day out is a fresh bright design that looks great, and the twins looked lovely when they were all cleaned and bathed and zipped into their GroBags ready for bed.

Unfortunately this picture may not capture their complete gorgeousness, trying to get them to stay still was a near impossibility and resulted in Robbie knocking his sister off our bed. All rather stressful just before bed but Daisy was ok as she is a tough little cookie 🙂 she has to be with Rough em up Robbie as her twin.

Their first night in the Grobag was a rare undisturbed full nights sleep. This was obviously fantastic news for me and I thought that GroBag had solved all our sleep problems. Unfortunately this was a mere coincidence and the twins have taken it in turns to wake up when they want to. However this has not been because they are cold it has been due to teeth, bums or bad dreams !! ( I think? this parenting lark is a guessing game)

The GroBag which is a tog 1.0 and is also available in tog 2.5 has kept the twins warm and comfortable and there have been no escape attempts. This is due to the fabulous zip which is a quirky design and zips from top to bottom, little people find this harder to figure out. We did think that Robbie (who is far too clever for his own good ) had cracked it and unzipped himself. It turned out that big brother Craig had unzipped him 🙂

The GroBags have been through the wash on many occasions and have come out a bit crinkled up – this could be because we are busy busy people and we cannot wait for the tumble dryer to be finished. We leave them to sit sometimes, shame on us. The crinkles fall out quickly after a night sleeping in them.

Mum loves the GroBags and Robbie and Daisy seem to agree too 🙂

I have reviewed this product for the GroCompany and have been given a lovely GroSwaddle to give away – please comment on this blog for chance to win I will pick a winner at random in the next 2 weeks

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