You’ve Got to have Faith

This week has been very hard indeed.  After the Marathon I have not ran for nearly 7 days and its been really hard.  I am addicted.

Even with the pouring rain I have wanted to run.   What I don’t want to do is get injured and that’s what_ Coach Den says will happen if I run too far too soon. My head tells me if I don’t run I’ll get unfit and fat 😦

Putting your faith in someone else is a hard thing to do.  I keep saying I am going to run regardless of the advice, but I am going to put my faith in Dens coaching and see what happens!

It takes discipline to get out and run but it also takes discipline to not run and rest!!

I am.keeping the faith and hoping for faster times coming my way soon!

Has anyone else experienced set backs through training to hard to soon?

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