The Runners Recky

Firstly I am hoping you all know what a recky is?

Definition of a recky: reconaisance

In laymen terms, it’s a trip to check something out (a run route) visually or by another means for example running the route!!

Today I did a recky of the hilly100

I will be part of a team of 10, running a relay of 100 hilly miles across the Cotswolds.

This is where I'll start

This is where I will start and then I will run my little heart and soul out following arrows like these

Today’s recky was in the car so it all seemed survivable. The hardest hill will be the last one which stretches for about a mile and looks hellish!! Fortunately I like a challenge. This leg of the relay is leg 4 and is known as a difficult leg!!!

I will reserve judgement until the run recky next week and let you know. Very exciting 😉

Anyone else doing or done a recky?

2 thoughts on “The Runners Recky

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  1. Are you reckying the Cotswold relay? If so, i’m doing it too, but i’m doing leg 8 this year and reckying next weekend. I’ve done legs 3, 4 and 5 in the past (all on different years obviously!!). Loads of fun but all very challenging in their own little way!

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