The Secret of Motivation

Sorry if you opened this blog expecting me to tell you the secret of motivation,  I am asking you what the secret of motivation is?  It maybe that by the end of my blog I have worked it out.  However I think for me to be forever motivated would be a miracle.

Why is it that I can motivate myself to run easily if I follow a running schedule? (like for the odd marathon)  to reach the end goal that I have in sight.  When I do not have one I can just as easily not bother (today is an example) I am only 2 weeks from my marathon and I have run about 18 miles this week from Tuesday so It’s not so bad.

Many things motivate us, so what are they?

Reward/ Money – I go to work for money, however I am not always as motivated to go that extra mile because the role I am currently in pays the bills but does not give me anything else, no challenge!! (just sweets) and sweetie memories !

Challenge – Some people like maybe me?  like a challenge, we like goals and targets and something to aim for.  Something to prove to not only others but ourselves – yep that’s me – definitely me !!

Others – Others do motivate me, I am competitive, I like to get those PBs and I like to win (I never do) but I like to try, and I like to believe I can win and if I try then one day I may be successful.  I need others to compete against, but I also need others to share my successes what ever they maybe

Successes – If I am successful at something and I know I can be successful then it definitely helps motivate me.  Success can be, winning a race, beating a PB or just getting out and doing whatever it is in the first place.  Achieving my goals, whether that’s to win or make someone happy, lose weight, grow my nails, or just clean the house 🙂 but I just cannot do it all everyday (yet)

So although when I started this blog, it was a beat myself up blog, for not being motivated to run today.  What does it matter?  I am a motivated person, I was up and running 6 miles before starting work yesterday and I’ll run tomorrow and I was motivated enough to write this blog !!

So have I cracked it? is the secret of motivation JUST ME !!

Please share your secrets please!!!!

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  1. You could have fooled me that you have no motivation after screaming at me (your coach) to let you do more miles and you have no schedule yet as you are supposed to be resting! There are lots of races coming up soon, that should have the desired effect!

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