Its Over to You

Hilly100 relay – Team Time


This weeks big thing was the Hilly100, a  100 mile relay race across the Cotswolds, starting in Stratford and ending in Stratford.  Teams of 10 runners Male teams Female teams and mixed teams running 10…ish miles each and passing on the baton.

This was my first real team run with my running club Bourton Road Runners I was the 4th lady running in our team of 10.  I was up for 7am and we  had the twins dressed and ready to leave the house and  be at my start for 8.45 am.  I received a call from Lyn our team coordinator to tell me that Beth was on schedule and would be at the start on time or thereabouts .  Adrenalin pumping as usual I was ready and waiting to go.  The Stratford ladies runner arrived before Beth and they were off, a few minutes afterwards the baton from Beth was in my hand and I began my leg, leg 4 of the Hilly100.  This run  as the name possibly suggests has lots of hills.  The first hill was a slow drawn out hill at the beginning of the leg that evened out and then the hills were your average easily runnable hills untill around mile 7 when you hit the first quite steep hill.  I had been gaining on the Stratford Runner untill this point, but she was a strong runner who  was able to tank up the hills I ran them with all my strength but I have yet to be able to tank up a hill  ( I will now be working on my strength) and I lost the time I had gained.  The last hill of hills went on for nearly a mile and was very steep, I was told that another (male) runner had been seen walking this hill, but I would never walk a hill, never, never, never, unless it was beyond my control.  I ran all the way to the top and spurred on by Doug running a little way with me at the top and seeing Caroline waiting for the baton I had a bit of reserve in the tank to pick up my pace (slightly) My leg was DONE

All the way along my route – the support I received from the team was fantastic !! Of course Doug was out with the twins, there was also Lyn the coordinator and her husband Steve, fellow team  runner Steph who ran leg 2 and her husband and club runners Pete and his wife Shirley, they all kept me going, got me across junctions, kept me on track and hydrated they were a great support crew.  I was so chuffed with the team support that I decided we’d join the support ourselves!!  we walked up with the whole family to leg 6 with the family and the dog to cheer another team member Niamh on her way and congratulate Liz who passed Niamh the baton.  We then jumped walked back home and after a coffee break were in the car and cheering, directing, supplying water and running along the way with other fellow runners. We cheered our last leg lady Gill over the line and our last leg man Coach Den – I am not sure of our placings but we did not win or get in the top 3.  However it was the first time the ladies had run home before the men even with our 2 hour head start.  Its was a really terrific day to run and support and it was a great feeling to be part of the team !!  




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