A few Questions ?


I have had an excellent few weeks of running, great marathon, a good team run and the first speed-work back after marathon running felt great!!  and then tonight……………. 😦

So I have a few questions?

Is everyone capable of increasing their speed, can I improve and run well at 5k 10k ?

Why is it I can put in the effort when Coach Den says you should be in 2nd or 3rd in this group’ but cannot sustain it over all my efforts?

Why is it when I lost it and faded it on my effort I could have cried and felt so bad as my coach was urging me on ?

Why is it |I feel like I should just give up?

Am I possibly a long distance runner only?

What can I do to get stronger?

and finally if I am that bad why will I go back and do it all again next week and do it better?


If you can answer any of these questions I would be grateful, I feel better already!!

Keep running Keep smiling, Keep enjoying it !!!

5 thoughts on “A few Questions ?

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  1. I think you’ve answered your own questions. That final sentence sums it up, but also you highlight that you’ll do it all again next week and do it better. You’re improving, but the key is to not beat yourself up too much after a session – remember that was the best you could do today, and next time you’ll smash that effort.

  2. You are being too hard on yourself Claire.

    Yes, I ask myself the same questions but always remind myself that at least I turn out and do the effort sessions and there is clear evidence of my improving shown in my race times.

    And it’s not all about you! You are in a club and even on your off-days, you are still encouraging and inspiring others (especially me!).

    Don’t beat yourself up (but remember on one of my good days, I am on your shoulder).

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