Coach Den answers my questions :) ?????

Is everyone capable of increasing their speed, can I improve and run well at 5k 10k ?

Not everyone,  it depends on your age,  how long you have been running, (if you were 55 and had just started running you would see lots of PBs, if you were 55 and had been running for a long time you may see your PBs decreasing) your fitness, but you are increasing your speed and you will get faster 🙂

Why is it I can put in the effort when you say I should be in 2nd or 3rd in this group  but cannot sustain it over all my efforts?

It takes time and miles, the more miles you put in the stronger you will get and over time you will learn that the discomfort does not last – Top Tip, the discomfort is like a massage, you withstand pain/discomfort because you know it will help and it only lasts for a short time

Why is it that when I lost it and faded on my effort I could have cried and felt so bad as you were urging me on ?

Sometimes when you put in a lot of effort,  your physical feelings can manifest into an emotional feeling, there was one time when my coach pulled me out of the London Marathon at 22 miles because I was injured, I found a corner and cried.  It can also be due to disappointment that you cannot always finish what you start although you should try unless you are badly injured and you can work on that 🙂

Why is it I feel like I should just give up?

That’s the easy way out, quitting lasts forever pain is temporary!

Am I possibly a long distance runner only?


What can I do to get stronger?

What I say !! and work your very hardest at speed-work sessions, if it’s not really hard you are not working hard enough

and finally if I am that bad why do I go back and do it all again next week and do it better?

because it works


So there you have it, I am feeling better about it all again now.  Last weeks training went like follows:

Monday – I gave myself a day of rest after the Hilly100

Tuesday – 7 miles altogether including speed-work with the running club

Wednesday – 5.5 miles another evening run I think?? but I cannot remember (scary)

Thursday – Short run of 3miles at running club followed by a 7,5 mile run which resulted in getting a little hot, a little lost and a lot yellow due to rapeseed

Friday -off

Saturday – nice 3.7 miles whilst the sunset, I felt like I was on my holidays and had to remind myself  I live in this beautiful place

Sunday (this week or next week? ) 14 mile, early 7am long run before the sun got too hot 🙂


Keep Smiling and putting the miles in 🙂


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