Ifitness Race Belt Review – Rhyming Review

I am full of fantastic ideas and I have had the ideal of doing my reviews in rhyme, this will be my first (maybe my last depending on what you all think)

Ifitness Ultimate Race Belt 1

A race belt is kit that most of us runners use

So here is my review which might help you choose

I have tried out many types whilst on the run

I started with a  bum bag which wasn’t much fun

Bum bags are ok for the job that they do

 But the style shape and size is not always great for runners

Like ME & YOU 

 2 months ago I was sent a belt

 My initial thought was how light it felt

It also looked good which is a plus

It fitted my waist without any fuss

Room on the belt for my Gels 6 though  I’d have prefered 8

The pouch on the front fitted, phone and  keys which was great

The pouch is made of that fab stuff neoprene and this is obviously why…

It is so that your phone, or  whatever you take has a chance of staying dry

There are 2 little toggles on the belt too, to hold your race number in place

No good for me but maybe good for you they are there just incase


I used the belt on my  first Virgin London  Marathon

 We went together on and on and on !!!

It was a comfortable partner all along the way

Holding my supplies and none of them got away

If that does not convince you it’s not been tried by just me

It was worn by a great runner!

Lucy Walmsley

She needed a belt for her Tenby Marathon run

I lent her my belt and she only went and WON!!!

So there it is my first rhyming review.  Your thoughts are welcomed would you like more Rhyming reviews?

Happy Running Happy Runners






2 thoughts on “Ifitness Race Belt Review – Rhyming Review

Add yours

  1. Its fun, but found it harder to read than a standard review..but then, why not.. most other reviews are using a similar format of and this does this, then \I used it like this, and it felt like this.. so why not add a little fun into it..

    Try another & see how it comes out

    I hope others comment, as I find many people just don’t get involved.

    Keep it up Claire.. I maybe calling on you for a rhyming review for my site next 😉

    1. Thank you for the feedback, if you never get any how do you know if what your doing is good bad or if people are just indifferent.

      Happy to review for you in the future 🙂


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