You can Walk the Walk, and Talk the Talk but When all is said and Done……….


Another week has gone by and I have followed my schedule, almost missing Wednesday because I could (with no major event scheduled untill October)

My week ended with my first Fairford 10k and it was also the first Fairford 10k organised by Running Somewhere Else

The run was a rural road run with just 2 very minor hills.  The marshalls were really friendly and I even met a twitter follower @jenjo24  who is a Running Somewhere Else runner who was helping with the organisation today.  My goody bag and T-shirt were good  I am looking forward to luxury noodles for lunch this week, but I always want a sweet kick when I finish and could’nt find a sweet snack ( Cake it was)  I got my size T-shirt which is always a bonus 🙂  The bar, hot food,  hot drinks, cakes etc… were great for after the run and for my spectating family.  The one thing I would pick up on is the prize giving was a little disorganised , my club mate Lucy Walmsley was first lady of the entire race and her age category and this was not mentioned (the first lady of the race) I personally would award 1st Male and Female first and then move on to the age groups.

This race saw me not performing to my true potential and feeling the pressure of a club mate who was out to GET ME 🙂

10 years my senior, Steph was running to beat me today after being coached by our wonderful coach Den that she could.   Steph is going fantastic guns at the mo :).  The difference between me and Steph today, yes age but most importantly it was our minds.  Steph was determined, (as was I not to let her beat me) but not enough to get myself into that uncomfortable zone and get the time I know I can get !!!

I could have almost given Steph a piggyback and she came in a mere 3 seconds behind me, this was fantastic for Steph and although not her PB it was a good run and she worked really hard,  but as you can guess not so fantastic for me when I know I can pull more out of the bag. 

Hey ho,  it’s the way it goes and we have a re-match 10k in just a week at Westonbirt 10k where I am sure Steph will be gunning for me again and I will of course have had a good talking to myself and be trying my best to stay focused throughout.  (any tips welcomed please put them in the comments)

 Me and Super Steph….. my adversary !!

Coach Den coaching Steph on how to GET ME !!!


🙂 Happy Running Happy Runners 🙂

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