My Jubilee Experience In Pictures and Poem 2012

June the 4th is the day and we are heading to London Hip Hip Hooray!

All dressed up red,whte and blue we are partiotic what else would we do ?

A  little Natural History along the way, a fantastic building you do not visit everyday

Lots to see and loads to do, I recommend it you really must go,  one of my faves, the long lost Dodo

 Just a short visit we had to go, we were going to the queens place, if you did not know

  We arrived on the mall, there was people galore, heres an odd chap and there were so many more !

The atmosphere was buzzing I could not help but smile, I even got a picture of Heston Blumenthal

  In the wrong place we had some walking to do, to visit the queens house we joined my longest ever queue

My feet were killing, heels were not my best call but inside with my hamper – the pain? I forgot it all!!

A short walk through the palace and then we were there, picnic and champagne on the lawn without a care 🙂

 There was a brief moment when there was threat of rain, but with this stylish poncho I could not complain

Time to head for the concert and find our seats, little did we know we were in for a treat

Once we sat down we took it all in, the crowds getting bigger, let the concert begin

I sang and I screamed untill I nearly lost my voice, so much to show you but here is my top choice

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