WAHOOooooooo !!!!

What a week !!

Monday saw me race yet another  10k at the now known by me as WETstonbirt formally Westonbirt 10k.  It was a drizzly day and continued to drizzle throughout the entire race.  My focus was not to achieve a PB although that would have been nice but to stay ahead of my running rivals Steph  and Ali both in an older category, but one had beaten me and the other nearly passed me at my previous 10k in Fairford.  I had a plan!!  The plan was start fast settle in and finish fast.  So off I shot and soon settled down in to my pace.  After about 3k Rob another club member passed me by and I decided to stay within sight of him, no sign of Steph and Ali (phew) Rob was firmly in my sights and I began to slowly real him in untill I went past to his good luck wishes as he had no more in the tank to race me (wahoo) I kept pushing and tried to push harder for the last 2k, I had a crazy spirt near the finish and passed to people whaooo!! but then died a bit soon and they passed me back (oh dear / oh well) I ran home with muddy legs in a time of 45 mins and a few seconds, not a PB but chuffed well ahead of Steph and Ali and ahead of Rob who is usually ahead of me


Despite fatigue from a busy day before and a busy Tuesday – I went to running club (I am a hero) and ran 3 miles with Doug, at the end I ummed and ahhed about the speedwork and then went along.  It was long efforts  2,3,4,5,4,3, mins I think – I intended to give minimal effort but got carried away against my club mates and really enjoyed the efforts, feeling as though I’d given my all and it was good 🙂


UP early on Wednesday, twins to Nursery and off I set on what should have been a 6 mile run but turned in to a 9 mile run, a country road run and I had a bit of a recky of the Hilly half Marathon route aswell, it was hard to get going but I got there and I was all done for the day (running) by 10.00am

Thursday was my rest day  (from running only) and the days wahoo moment was clarification I am on my Leadership in Running Course, which is definitely something to look forward too 🙂


 Friday was a gentle 3 miles – actually 3,7 after a wet day I managed to run my run when the sun was out, it was a  warm, sunny, smiley run 🙂

Saturday, a day at work in the sweet shop with adrenalin pumping all day with thoughts of running the Humphs Hilly Half Marathon at 6pm.  I was a nut !! It was really hard to concentrate on locking the shop up.  I did lock up eventually and Doug brought me my number to me, after checking out the start with me he wished me good luck and headed to his marshalling point with Amy (my eldest daughter) mile 10.  I had no watch as once again I had forgotten my Garmin.  I set off knowing that within 200m we had a hill to run up, I gave the hill the utmost respect stayed relaxed and pushed on.  I settled in to my stride and slowly worked on passing people one by one.  The rain was driving at times but I concerntrated on not wasting my energy screwing my face up.  I came to another drag and a club member marshalling reminded me to relax up the hill and told me the hill was about a mile or so long.  On I ran, relaxed and working hard I passed another 2 ladies I had been working hard to gain on and then joined a man running, we got to the 9 mile marker and I asked him what time he was on.  I thanked him and said I’d let him go, he said your welcome to stay with me.  Yes I will I thought and we ran the next mile and a half or so together after mile 10 it was down hill.  I left my companion after another club mate told me I was 7th lady and I could get them !!!  so I tried, pushing on mile 11 I passed the next lady and the pushed on I turned the corner after mile 12 and could see the 5th lady in my sights I pushed and pushed and took her with around 800m to go, she was hot on my heels so I had to push to the end and came in 5th lady


I was chuffed and had no clue about my time I thought I’d run about 1hr 45, I got changed in to warm gear and headed to race HQ for the results and met Doug and Amy who told me I was first lady V35 and my time, Ihr 38 mins and 58 seconds WHAT?  no way WOW what was a half marathon PB on a hard course, I had to check for myself, it was true and I won a prize too!!!  that was it,  the week turned in to a fantastic


and…….. my VLM good for age place has arrived wahoooooooo 🙂 Happy Running Happy Runners



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