Twin Troubles, Tummy Bugs, Tiredness & Training

Well what a week, if it was not for the adrenalin buzz I was given from my half marathon PB last week I think I’d be blubbering wreck hidden in the deepest darkest corner I could find!!

But I’m not I’m here to tell you all about it!!  Just about

I do not talk about family life that often, but !! as it all impacts on the running and this week has been a hectic week.  Up untill a fortnight ago I have been fortunate to have had Doug at home.  Now Doug is working 8-6 Monday to Friday and the twins have started Nursery on 3 days a week when I am at work.   So whats the problem with that? well no problem I can run very early or in the evening, thats all okay.

Problem?  Robbie does not like me leaving him at Nursery and after he has been at nursery he does’nt settle aswell as normal at night which results in less sleep for us, less sleep for me means less motivation and energy 😦

The problem was overcome by just getting out there so here is the training I have completed up to…….dun dun dun


Monday  5 miles, I was up and 6am and enjoyed a good run

Tuesday–   9 miles made up of speedwork on the track, this was great but my mile run was poor and I knew that.  Advice from coach Den is if that mile time doesn’t come down then my distance times won’t come down.  If you can run a 6 minute mile there is always a chance you can run 2 x 6 min miles 3,4,5 etc… but if you cannot even run one there is no chance

Wednesday – I ached, this could have been the speedwork from Tuesday or the half marathon from Saturday catching up with me or it could also been due to my mad attempt at some jumping squats in the morning 🙂 anyway I ran 3 miles kids in tow on their bikes

So here we are Tummy Bug Thursday, I spent the day at home with the babies, we played did housey stuff, I made 2 Cottage pies, one for the kids and one for me and Doug after running and had a nice 2 mile walk with the twins in the afternoon.  A straightforward day the kids enjoyed their dinner and Doug and I went to running club one the twins were in bed.  I ran 3 with Doug and other club members , luckily the rain eased a little so we got wet slower than we might have.  I then ran another 7 miles with Chris who is an age group triathelete and had been out doing his hill reps on the bike at 5 and had been for a swim before running so said he was feeling that a bit. 

 I was happy to run with Chris as the fast runners including coach Den were on a flyer and were out of sight in no time.  During the run I felt off, I put it down to poor nutrition because I had not stopped for my own lunch.  I ploughed on with Chris up hills as always and we ran back in a reasonable time.  I then ended up running/ walking the mile and a half home in the rain, I was feeling cold, tired and far from hungry when I got home.  I was in bad books as I was rather late and my cottage pie had been in the oven for over an hour 😦 Robbie had been up and unwell too.  I couldn’t stomach my dinner at all and felt squiffy, just off.  I put it down to tiredness and headed for an early bed.  I felt ill all night as I was visiting the bathroom for the 3rd time and  in came my eldest daughter!!!

Next…… sometime later that night or very early that morning Amy had gone downstairs and in came Connie my daughter to tell us she had been ill on her floor !! DELIGHTFUL and then a while later my son Craig came to tell us he had been sick from his high bed GREAT!!

Fortunately Doug did all the clearing up as I was still not feeling well at all.  The twins were ok, Robbie was much better but I had 3 kids at home all still ill and the twins and off Doug went to work NIGHTMARE  I got through the day and a trip on foot to the co-op a mile away and lived to tell you the tale 🙂 suspicion fell upon my Cottage pie (humph)  Friday was my day off training so no miles missed


Saturday arrived and oh no Doug’s not well !!  I was not relieved that he was unwell but hoped this meant it was not me who had poisoned the family.  I had signed up ages ago to run for Longest Day Run a  challenge to run as many miles as possible on the longest day 23-24th June.  I really would have liked to have run 12@12 and then more the following day.  I sent a last-minute request to any fellow runners to join me, nil response so I was on my own.  I went at 8.30…ish and ran in the rain for 12 miles, still not feeling great but feeling good because I’d at least completed some of the challenge.  Further plan was to get up today and run some more!!

I never woke up early enough as our house were awake again and I needed my sleep, so my miles were not run 😦 and then after a long day today I just could not summon up the motivation to get out, so its football and ice-cream and all hopes on England for me

Heres to a less eventful week next week and a completed schedule only a few more weeks until Marathon training begins again!!

Happy Running Happy Runners

Well done Sarah Fenna for running her very first 5k race this week in about 45 mins I think – keep it up!!!!

and finally………


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