10k :) :( 10k

I like to run long distances and the Ultra is next for me…..


Before I move the goal posts and concentrate on the rest

I want that 10k time that fantastic personal best

 The elusive PB that seems so difficult for me

My fastest time to date is 44 minutes 53


I do not like the sprint start, I get so out of puff

I do not like the fast pace middle I find it really tough

I do not like to push untill the bitter end

Pain and discomfort are not really my friends


I will learn to like the sprint start

I’ll like being out of puff

I will  keep that middle fast paced even though I find it really tough

I’ll push and push and push untill the bitter end

I will make pain and discomfort my closest of closest friends


I want to feel the buzz I feel when I beat myself once more

I like to make  those personal bests so much faster than before

I know that I can smash it in every single way

I need to keep this mindset on each and every day

So watch this space………

 its 8 more days untill my next 10k!!!!!

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