From Small Acorns, Grow Big Trees…… I hope so :)

Well a quiet week really all work and some play 🙂

Training has gone well with a good speedwork session this week when I acheived a 6:38 minute mile 🙂

The highlight of the week was the:

 Leadership In Running Fitness Course

I have wanted to do this course for a while and my lovely family clubbed together so that I could do it as a Birthday Pressie. 

The course I was attending was based in Abingdon at a place called Tilsley Park Sports Centre and started at 9 we had to be there by 08.45 to register , this meant an early start for me and because I did not get up untill gone 7 it was something of a rush start !!  I stressed out a little especially when I could not remove the petrol cap and then when the guy in the petrol station seemed to have disappeared when I wanted to pay.  Finally I made it, after following the Sat Nav all around the houses and roundabouts I got there (phew)


There were 20+ people attending the course from all walks of life, there were club runners, fitness instructors, lone runners (one whom had completed the Iron Man recently, long distance runners, short distance runners and people who did not run at all ! men and women off mixed ages.  All of us with one thing in common we want to help other people get out there RUNNING !

There were 3 instructors and the one in particular who stood out as most informed and interesting to me was Suzy Fitt, what a great name for someone involved in fitness and running.  I looked her up when I got home as I was interested in what she did and she runs FittLife  we also had Brian who was a nice chap and Kevin.

The day was broken down in to leadership skills, some underpinning knowledge and practical skills practice. 

We were placed in to groups on several occasions and it was great to have a chat with people and find out what they wanted to do with their course, some wanted to help out with their club, some  want to take running groups as part of their work, others were not sure yet and me, what do I want to do?

Pass on the buzz, help people get out there and more importantly stay out there and enjoy their running 🙂

What have I learnt, how to lead the group, with an Introduction, then a warm up, followed by the session then a warm down.  It’s not an easy thing to do lead others, the running is the easy part, the sharing, the motivating and continued support and dealing with mixed abilities will be the hard part. 

I was left with a feeling that I can lead a group of new runners and on completion of the course I gained my UKA Licence, Insurance and the confidence to be a Running Leader.  So as soon as I returned home I emailed the chair of my running club and gave him my proposal to lead a walk to run group for the club…… watch this space.  if nothing comes of it I will be beginning my own group ASAP

I highly recommend the course if you want to share your passion with others, it flew by and I really enjoyed it

TRAINER LOG :  Today I bought new Adidas Response  stability trainers and did my run in them, they were great I  usually  wear Nike – I ran 11.40 miles, I will be logging my mileage on these trainers just to see how many I do before they need changing again!

Happy Running Happy Runners!!


OOh and if you want to get running let me know I can be your leader !! Forrest Gump Stylie


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