Feel the Burn on that Bloomin 10k

I am behind this week on getting the blog to you lovely readers, so I apologise 🙂

Good week last week or so I thought, as always work and family were hectic with a training session missed, to watch Wind in the Willows starring one of my talented brood as Toad. 🙂 Connie did a top job and was a terrific toad.

So like I said good week, I had a sports massage on Tuesday and it was great to loosen up tight calf’s etc…. the chap that massaged me is called Richard Rasdall and is based in Stow on the Wold, you nip through his sweet shop and up to his oldy worldy bathroom.  Classical radio on, he has lots to say and he is totally fabulous ! Great rates, check him out and say hello from me if you are local (he will not know me as I am a new client but say hi anyway)  I completely recommend massages if you are running regularly, my next is in a weeks a weeks time.

I had a good speed work session on the Tuesday apart from my calf getting tight towards the end and pushed my self to burn point. You know the feeling where your hearts racing and your legs are pounding or should it be where you legs are racing and heart is pounding !! 

I felt good, regardless of tiredness all week and so the impending 10k on Sunday at Evesham was going to be a PB – I was sure of it.  So Sunday arrived and I packed all my wet weather kit, full change expecting to be soaked, however it was really warm.  I felt positive when I arrived and had a run up the high street with a fellow club member and chap who I do like to be ahead of if I’m doing well and then prepared to start the race.  Kisses to twins and Doug and then on to the start line with that 42 min goal in my soul 🙂

Off I went at 4min kilometers – which was too fast really and by 3k I knew it, so I slowed because I had to and kept running, the first mind crusher was Rob the guy Iike to beat running past and I could not summon up the leg power to stay with him or catch him (darn it!!) then Allie another fellow club runner came up alongside me and said hello!!  (again, she does this regularly) oh no, not happening I thought and it was burn time!!  I was not headed for a PB with the performance I was putting in, but I had to work, ignoring the mud and puddles – destroying my lovely new (were) mostly white trainers I had to push to make sure the distance between me and Allie was a respectable one.  Then in the last 100m Doug kindly advised me in the following way….  There’s someone behind you!! Get a bloody shift on!!!  so I did and crossed the finish line with no PB but heaving my little heart out (so pleasant)  in this race…..I really FELT THE BURN !!

After feeling disappointed and pulling the race to part, I went off and cheered the rest of our club in and then took part in the fun run which was the twins first race – it was lovely and turned out to be a really goo week after all 🙂

Happy Running Happy Runners X

Trainer log failed as I forgot to count !!  sorry

Just  this week and I am back to marathon trainigng, more miles :/

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