Marathon training Day 1 – Soggy 6

16 July

Early start, don’t want to go, up at 4.00am both babies awake!! Doug up with Daisy and me awake with Robbie hoping he would go back to sleep… to back pat when Doug comes up to puts Daisy back to bed and gets Robbie so I can sleep MY HERO
Weather is dull and wet at 6.30am when the alarm goes off so the same as usual really.
Mood is very Monday! very tired wanting to stay in bed, considered later run but Doug off today so I fought my subconscious which really didn’t want to run, Ipod ? Check, Garmin check and the first 6 of the first 50 underway

The run went well, 8.08 min mile pace wet, cold and ready for my ciinnamon pancackes, as my reward. Then to work I must go.

GOOD START!!! =) =)

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