The Next Marathon – Daily Diary. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Starts tomorrow !!!

This week has been a good training week with yet another good speed work session, no races but steady training with a 13 mile run with running pals Lucy & Niamh.  This meant a good old natter on route 🙂

I begin my 12 week marathon programme tomorrow, I do not have the schedule but I do have the first week to be going on with provided by my fabulous Coach Den

I will let you know how it goes daily this time – Mood, food, weather and all and lets see if I can get that SUB 3:30 shall we 🙂   hints tips and constructive criticism is alway welcomed

Coming up –

Monday 6 – Easy Miles

Tuesday -10m including speedwork at club

Wednesday – 5m

Thursday – a 5k race 2 miles warm up 2 miles cool down

Friday-  ahhh REST

Saturday – Bourton 1 mile race 2 before 2 after

Sunday – 15 miles, this may change to Monday due to birthday surprise

So keep reading please and keep supporting, one last thing before I go! I hope to finally achieve my target for Help the Hospices when I find out how much Bourton Primary Year 6 raised for the charity at their school summer fayre!! If you can help me get there my page is

Keep Running Happy Runners 🙂

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