Day 2 – A Whole Day Before the Real Work Begins……..

Tuesdays training always feels painful and drawn out because I do not do any training untill the evening, and after a day of work sorting the kids out I always have a mental battle to get out.

 Weather today at the moment is fine and dandy, mood is ok with some reluctance to spend my day without any work colleagues in the the shop, but DJ Pod will be there to help me should it be very quiet and BORING !!

I am going to focus and give each effort my best effort so lets see if its mind over matter!!

What a gloriously sunny day its turned out to be, and although work was very boring it was no a bad day =)

It was a humid night I ran a fast 3 miles to start and then the Speedwork consisted of 16 x 1 min efforts split into 2 sets of 8 =) once again a great session apart from Coach Den making me run another 3 miles to make sure the miles were done and my reward was ….
My schedule

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