Day 3 I don’t like humpday :/

I only have an easy 5 to run today.

The Plan, up early so that babies are in nursery for 8 – 8.30….ish then run 5 miles home, shower, work!!

The Realitystress, up late, babies had breakfast said bye to Doug off to work and Connie and Craig off to school. Next, dress babies, sounds simple but if you have a tantruming tot with his own ideas its quite a challenge. Eventually left the house leaving a bomb site (to be dealt with later) behind.

Babies in nursery phew!!! teenager on route to school work experience and RUN……….

Soggy slow 5, recovering from what’s gone before and preparing for my 5k race tomorrow. Run just over 5 as Mindy my Garmin was not playing for 5mins or so, I think she was moody because I’ve used endomondo a few times

Weather -well I told everyone that the weather was improving based on what someone told me. It was awful cold and wet!!!! and ad I write this it still is 😦

Yesterdays diet was iffy to say the least, fruit & fibre, chicken salad sandwich, chocolate covered peanuts & raisins :/ banana and toffee ice team, pizza, cider and hot chocolate. It sounds awful all written down. Today I WILL DO BETTER

So there it is Humpday DONE

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