Day 9 – One Way or Another I’m Gonna…….

Gettcha Gettcha Gettcha !!!!!

Mood Today?  remarkably good considering its the dreaded humpday

Weather:  Still glorious here in the Cotswolds, the weather at 9pm when I was off running was just perfect, sun going down,  still warm but a slight breeze blowing – lurvely

The Run

Just 4 miles on my plan to run tonight and to  mix it up and keep it interesting I played cross country catch up with Doug.  He set off about 10 minutes before me and I worked hard for the first 2.75 miles to catch up.  Great company, great route, good pace!! 

My cross country tips:

  • Know your route – I was not sure about mine but I made it and new I was on track when I caught up with my hare 🙂
  • Wear comfy /suitable  gear – I wore shorts tonight so my legs are now nicely scratched!! ( I do not always practice what I preach)
  • Run Strong and with confidence maximising the use of your core (I hope this makes sense) I find if I run strong and think about my posture over cross country I run well
  • Enjoy the scenery – there are  some lovely views out there

Hows your running going folks?


Keep Going!!

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