Last Minute Lil’ Day 11 Run


Mood: Even though I have a prize on the way from @adidasuk for the #Takethebaton hash tag trending  and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Olympic Ceremony last night  TV my mood today was a little irritable.  This could have been because of the late night watching the ceremony followed by an 8am wake up call from the twins? it could have been hormonal? who knows?  not even me so poor Doug had no chance.  After a day out in Bristol at the Aquarium and Cribbs Causeway I was a little strung out and very ready to run.  Leaving it last-minute, I left Doug trying his best to stop the twins redecorating with rice pudding and ran away from it all at 7.40pm

Weather: Great running weather

The Run: was great and really cleared my head, it was just 7 miles around a well run route.  Whilst on the run I thought about a question I had been asked on twitter by 

Kay Shotton @Snail_Lady

@jonathanmc84 @sarahcbland @PaulHawkins66 @Cotswold_Claire so I can run 12.1miles in 2:15 but not 13.1m 😦 any1 have training advice ideas? 

Well my advice would be run your 13.1 like this, the first half run at your 2:15 hour pace and then push it up for the next 6.5 / 7miles That’s just something I would try.  The other thing is do some speed sessions if you can as this definitely improves speed.  I hope that helps Kay let me know how you get on 🙂

What a shame about Mark Cavendish in the Road Race today:( but we are doing well in lots of other events so I believe – I watched the rowing, some boxing and gymnastics today.  Great TV coverage – its great to have lots of sport to watch.  I predict some Golds coming our way GO @TeamGB from me xx

So here’s my training update – I am always last-minute and my gran always used to call me last-minute Lil

Looking forward to a 17 mile run tomorrow!!!

Smile on Proud Peeps 🙂 Enjoy our Olympics 🙂


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